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Burger King's Cultural Imperialism

Has anyone seen the new Burger King Commercial?
Has anyone seen the new Burger King Commercial?

It's called "whopper" virgins and it features these burger king employees flying a whopper broiler to Inuit villages and feeding whoppers to the Inuit there to see if they prefer them to other burgers. As if the Inuit have not had to deal with enough western cultural garbage being forced upon them - now they have to deal with this shit too.

It's called whopper virgins because the company is taking their unhealthy tortured animal food products around the world to infect people in areas that have not yet been colonized by the western food system.

This shit is fucked up.

Please send Burger King a message that their commercials are not funny, they are dangerous. Tell Burger Kink to keep their nasty ass food to themselves.

Here is a link to the whopper virgins website: http://www. whoppervirgins. com/

Here is the corporate e-mail to send hate mail:  investor@whopper.com

Corporate Headquarters - 305-378-3000



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