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Local Urban CSA sponsoring Seed Exchange - Jan 3

Sunroot Gardens is an urban CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farming enterprise. We bike around, growing vegetables in people's yards and "unimproved" public rights-of-way, etc. We saved a boat-load of seeds this year from a ton of veggies, herbs, and flowers, and will be making the collection available at an Exchange on Jan. 3.
Sat. Jan. 3
2-6 pm
RSVP for house address

This SEED EXCHANGE is based around the Sunroot Gardens CSA stash. I have attached a PDF of the Vegetable Inventory. Over three hundred seed listings appear in this 16 page document, each one showing Botanical, Common & Variety names; Seed Source -- usually a seed company or a particular garden; Year the seed was "packed for" or was harvested; the amount of seed by weight or by count; and any "notes" about the variety such as how-it-grew, or what the packet says, etc.

More seeds will be available than are on this list. Separate Inventories are not yet completed for the Staple Crops Project (where you will find listings for a half dozen varieties of quinoa) or for the Medicinal/Flowers collection (of which Sunflowers make up a whole five gallon bucket of envelopes and ziplocks). They will be made available before the event in electronic form.

The SEEDS will be available to anyone who has something that I will take in EXCHANGE for them. This could be other seeds, tools/equipment, farm fresh eggs, homebrew, preserved/stored food, homecrafts, tea/coffee -- the basic barterables.

*** And of course everyone who shows up can trade with each other, too!! ***

The amount of SAVED SEED in the CSA stash is substantial. Some varieties go back 5 seasons in the city here. Others are newer but exist in large amounts -- over a pound of Lacinato Kale from 2008, for example. Hundreds of person-hours were spent this year collecting, processing, storing, and now inventorying, these seeds, from gardens all over the city. In some cases -- such as carrots -- beds were given over to the plants for over a full year to wait out the entire cycle. (The flowering carrot tops were 6 feet high in one place!) The Firepit Garden alone produced 33 varieties of saved vegetable seed, plus dozens and dozens more of herbs and flowers (including three types of "Nicotiana tabacum" - Smoking Tobacco).

Some of the seed is from seed companies, purchased in "farmer size" packs -- 1/4 lb. beet seed, that kind of thing -- so it is easy to spare a "packet" worth. Some seed packets have come to the farm through end-of-the-year sales or donations, and have not ever been opened. The vast majority are still within a reasonable viability period. Others, like parsnips, need to be used this year so I will be happy to unload whatever I feel can't be used for the CSA in 2009.

I will freely answer any questions about the seeds, my seed saving experiences, show you the books I have, etc., at this event.

On Clinton, behind the Portland Nursery on Division. The closest numbered streets that go through to Clinton from the N or S there are 89th and 92nd. The #4 Bus runs on Division constantly. For biking, you can take Woodward all the way out to 82nd, use the light there to cross over into the Fubonn parking lot. Around back of the mall is a "sneak through" to 84th, which you can take up to Clinton (though not with a wide cart).

QUESTIONS, RSVP for Address: Call Farmer K at 503.686.5557 or email: kollibri (AT) riseup (DOT) net

Possibly I will hold another such event later in the year --Feb/March-- but possibly not. Feel free to contact me if you have interest in anything on the Inventory but can't make it that day. It seems likely we could make arrangements.