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Karl Rove Linked to Michael Connell Murder

...and Rove is RICO partner with Cheney.
Mike Connell was the IT chief for Bush\Cheney and Karl Rove during the 2000 and 2004 elections. Karl Rove has reportedly threatened Mike Connell and his family many times before his suspicious fatal plane crash on Friday night.

The reason for the threats appears to be that Mike Connell had enough information to put Rove, Bush JR, and Cheney in jail for a very long time and that he was going to be testifying as a witness in the 2004 federal election fraud conspiracy case.

The Evidence So Far
Connell reported to his attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, that Karl Rove had threatened his life as well as his wife and family.
Arnebeck contacted Ohio Attorney General, Nancy Rogers with a request that "This man should be in protective custody. He is an important witness in a RICO case. Please do something to look after him."
No action was taken.
The Cleveland CBS affilate has reported that "Connell... was apparently told by a close friend not to fly his plane because his plane might be sabotaged," "And twice in the last two months Connell, who is an experienced pilot, cancelled two flights because of suspicious problems with his plane."
Connell was intending to expose more about the scandal he was involved in. He told his lawyers and reporter Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story, that "he wanted to talk". And that "he was scared".
So far the the two reported possible reasons for the crash are: one, he forgot to put gas in his plane and ran out, and two, there was bad weather. The first one is highly suspicious based on Connell's extensive flying experience and the second report has already been debunked by a attended at the Akron information desk that stated, bad weather had passed two hours before the crash.

Bush did it... 23.Dec.2008 17:20


...damn...he's good.

they crash all the damn time 24.Dec.2008 15:50

don't do it

Anyone of any political significance should stay the fuck out of small planes.

Mike Connells death - Where are the journalists? 22.Nov.2012 17:54

Dave W

I remembered Connell was the IT who reportedly lost all of the Bush administrations email. Then a news blackouton on Connell. How come none of this went to the major press. Why do we have news if no one will publish or report it. Something really stinks! If this had become headline news like it should have Mike might be still alive and some gangsters in jail.