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Impeachment Protest Vigil Continues 12.18.08

73 weeks & 508 days of weekly protesting continues
Every Thursdays @ high noon for the Impeachment of George Bush & Dick Cheney
December 18 2008 as the temperature drops to the low 30's the weekly protest/ vigil (Thursday at high noon) continue outside of the Portland office of House District 3 Representative Earl Blumenauer.

The protest vigil is "to encourage & remind him (Earl) that his constituent's want accountability and an honest and forthright presidency. By Earl Blumenauer refusing (and continuing to ignore the lawlessness) to hold the Bush administration accountable for their human rights violations and for their disrespect on holding-up (protecting) the US Constitution as our honored "law of our land" ...we (protesters) are outside his office (weekly) showing the world we (as individual's and citizens for justice) are displeased and outraged that Earl Blumenauer will tolerate and allow these violations. The group holding this protest will be here till Jan 20 (2008)when the Liar in Chief steps down from his stolen position.

For well over a year there has been numerous people joining these three to demand Impeachment Hearings by our House Representative. Here is this weeks video for WEEK 73 / DAY 508 hosted on YouTube:

As a perspective here is the vigil one year ago (as we were finding out the White House Allowed Torture).... One year ago it was "WEEK 22 & DAY 154 and this 9 min video was made:

This Vigil will end on Jan 20 2009 - We welcome all those that will want to join us as we protest up to the very last day outside of House District Three Congressional office at high noon till two p.m.

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