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Police crush Greece solidarity march brutally in Germany

20/12 Greece European day of action in Hamburg: Police force march of 1300 to stop and attacked the disperisng crowd but was also counterattacked the whole day in guerilla style tactics all over the city centre. Smaller groups of cops were singled out, attacked with bottles and stones. Many solidarity protests all over Germany.
On Saturday police stopped and dissolved by force a protest march in solidarity with Greek comrades. The demonstration, which was also directed against state and police terror, was closed in several times by about 1500 police and repeatedly baton-charged.

The forces of state finally succeeded in using their infamous "cauldron-tactic" and the march was dissolved.

Also on Saturday small Greek solidarity protests took place in twelve cities all over Germany. The protests were attended by around 20 to 50 people varying.

There were a few copy cat attacks on police stations.

Nevertheless, Greece solidarity protests in Germany have not reached beyond the radical left, and even the radical left has shown restraint in organising solidarity. There have been hardly any public meetings.

The broader left has not yet grasped the significance of the Greek unrest in the unfolding major crisis of capitalism. But they are discussing a national mass demonstration to be held before Easter.

Even the numerous and strong antifa movement did not realise the importance of adressing the uprising in Greece. Instead, the same day protests in Hamburg and other cities were occuring, the antifa held a protest of over 2000 in Nuremberg. The sole issue being the opining of a small shop with nazi attire in that city.

However, a public meeting in Berlin organised by Greek students last Wednesday was packed with 600 from all sections of the left and the broader public.