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This is a good way to make music if you don't have any instruments, or if you're just bored with some friends. The more people you have the better it is.
I have a dream to give the people their sonics.
I present to you: democraphonics.

It's fairly simple, and I'm sure you can do it.
You just need two bodies that need some groovin.

We have endless noises in our flesh and bones:
snaps and claps, laughs and raps, countless vocal tones,

stomps and whistles, whoops and chants,
gargles, breaths, drones and rants,

and don't forget the metronome
kept on by our hearts' beat alone.

People just sitting 'round are a symphony!
Or at least potentially.

If you want to make music but you're too poor
why not play instruments that we can all afford?

Someone drop a beat, and then a melody,
let's take democraphonics into the streets!