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Tacoma: Gas Stations Attacked in Solidarity with Greek Fighters

a modest strike
Early on the morning of the 20th, in memory of the 15 year old hero Alexandros Grigoropoulos and all those murdered by the police and other defenders of this false and rotting order, and in memory of our own lives, fuel hoses were slashed, pump consoles were destroyed, and the message "walk to work and murder your boss" was left at two Shell stations and two Chevron stations in Tacoma.

This announcement was also sent to the News Tribune, the Seattle Times and PI, and also the Puyallup Herald.

The attacks were a very small contribution to the targeted mayhem we hope to see engulf this world.

Fighting the forever war from Athens to Hilltop,

For the development of a high-intensity conflict against everything,

some anonymous comrades


Kids will be kids... 21.Dec.2008 20:19


...and vandalizing a gas station is probably the childish thing you could have done.

or posting a trivial comment 22.Dec.2008 00:04

wet nurse

while sitting oh your ass doing nothing.

Nothing about what Chevron & Shell are doing in Nigeria? 23.Dec.2008 00:36


it only takes the Greek 15 year old to inspire this