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Obama's Opinions on Weed

I found some info on Obama and marijuana

Some hope and maybe some change?
Here is a long article with links & videos on what Obama is [and has been] saying about pot, being reported on Alternet.com on 12-16-08

One thing he did say was that "when he did smoke he at least [admits] that he inhaled"


pure politickin 20.Dec.2008 13:28


well, he admits inhailing, thats a bit of "fresh" air We used to call the guys who pretended to inhale "narc."

The question of import...will he get the federales off the back of reformist states who are allowing medical pot? Will he pardon med pot prisoners? Will he refund confiscated property?

Other questions....is he for states rights or is he the "liberal" wing of the Federale uber state? ie pot laws, gun rights (open carry?) school management etcetcetc? which have been usurped slowly and regularly by any and all philosophies that came to power in D.C.

Damn for an Early Nader philosophy, oh, for a true LIBERTARIAN who actually believes in statements like "SHALL MAKE NO LAW..." and "SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED..."

Obama, the peoples dicator, not the bankers.....