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Stunning admission in Robyn Drown CHILD ABUSE case

Robyn Drown admits to allowing children to be beaten
Although claiming "battered wife" syndrome as a defence, yesterday in a stunning admission Robyn Drown testified that she would hit her children on her own accord and without prompting without prompting from her husband Graydon Drown. She also said she never stopped her husband from beating them.

Citing a movie of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew," phrases from the Bible, and being called names such as "puke," "T-Rex" or "Fred", Robyn Drown's public attorney Brooke Holstedt framed a defence of "battered wife" syndrome. Patricia Warford, a psychologist from Newberg and appearing for the defense, testified as an expert witness on Thursday. She explained to the jury the psychology of trauma and described Robyn Drown as a battered woman. Robyn Drown testified that her husband abused her on several occasions and often called her demeaning names such as "puke," "T-Rex" or "Fred." She hardly mentioned how she treated the children until she was cross-examined by Marion County prosecutor Sarah Morris.

Morris asked Robyn Drown if she confided in anyone about her husband's alleged abuse against her.

"No. I didn't want to go around complaining," Robyn Drown said.

She told the jury that the punishment of her children by their father wouldn't last long if she allowed her husband to hit the children. She claimed that she didn't intervene because it would only anger her husband more and cause them to be punished harder, although she also admitted that she had never attempted to step in front of Graydon Drown to stop him.

Morris asked "Did you ever step in front of Mr. Drown and take the blows yourself?" .

"No, I never did," Robyn Drown replied.

Morris asked whether she ever tried to take objects away from her husband when her children were being beaten.

"It was futile," she said. "He's much stronger than me."

The court was shocked yesterday by at the presentation of an audio tape, recorded in secrecy by the oldest son, in which the six year old daughter was allegedly beaten severely with a fiberglass tent pole with a knotted cord dangling from it for over two minutes, while a voice of a woman, identified as Robyn Kay Drown chatted in the background. According to the tape, at no time during the beating did anyone come to the defence of the little child who screamed and cried while her father called her "rebellious" and mentioned "the promised land". There also appeared on the tape to be at least one other child present during the beating.

Robyn Drown was indicted with her husband Graydon Drown on 25 counts of second-degree assault and criminal mistreatment of nine of their children. Alleged weapons of abuse include a metal pipe, a switch, 2-by-4 boards and other household objects such as a fiberglass tent pole with a knotted cord, and wooden spoons.

Graydon Drown's attorneys will present his defence today.

Thank you for reporting this 19.Dec.2008 11:40


They are sick people. I wonder what ages all the children are?

Ages of children 19.Dec.2008 15:07


"expert" witness? 19.Dec.2008 16:49


Patricia Warford, a psychologist from Newberg and appeared for the defense as an "expert" witness. It also appears that she had posted on several blogs involving the defendant, including TOPIX and the Statesman Journal. One of the posts made by this blogger on TOPIX read like a veiled threat.

In a Statesman Journal post by "panthercat" stated: " Well, I do have degree in psychology but more important is having gone through it first hand... my own healing & professional involvement & helping others; call it "armchair" but actually I do have expertise in this area. I have a book slated for publication in early 2009 also in this area."

If this poster actually is Ms Warford then there are some very serious questions about her professionalism and status as an expert that need to be asked. Was the claim about publishing a book made too add credibility to the poster's opinion? If Ms Warford actually has a book due to be publish, I hope the publisher will take a very close look at her actual qualifications as well as the true state of her mental health before the book is published.

expert witness 19.Dec.2008 18:17


panthercat on topix
 link to www.statesmanjournal.com

is this ethical? 19.Dec.2008 22:48


Someone asked "panthercat" out right if she was the "expert witness but who many 49 yo female PsychD's from the Eugene area could there be posting on the Robyn Drown blogs?

Why would someone be so stupid and arragant about theri own OPINIO that they would leave eough information for someone to figure out who they are, especially since she is being paid for her testimony.

Putting all that asside, I am wondering, does anyone else think this behavior is unethical?

justice 20.Dec.2008 07:47

it;'s pay up time

Drown Verdict Pair guilty on most charges
Deliberations in abuse trial lasted into Friday night

By Ruth Liao Statesman Journal
December 20, 2008

Two parents accused of severely beating their children were found guilty on most of the charges they faced Friday night after a weeklong trial.

Jury deliberations began at 6 p.m. Friday and lasted four hours in the case against Robyn Drown, 42, and Graydon Drown, 49, who are accused of abusing and mistreating their children.

The jury returned guilty verdicts on a majority of the 25 counts Robyn and Graydon Drown each faced.

The Drowns were each charged with 25 counts of second-degree assault and first-degree criminal mistreatment. The allegations included beating the children with objects that ranged from a metal pipe, a switch, plastic piping, 2-by-4 boards and other household objects.

The jury was given the option to consider lesser charges for Robyn Drown, which the jury decided in two of the counts. The jury determined Robyn Drown was guilty of two counts of fourth-degree assault and not guilty on two first-degree criminal mistreatment charges.

For Graydon Drown, the jury returned guilty verdicts on all but four of the counts. Those four included two of the second-degree assault charges and two of the first-degree criminal mistreatment charges.

Sentencing for the Drowns is set for 4 p.m. Jan. 7.

Marion County Circuit Judge Thomas Hart presided over the trial, which began Monday.

The parents were represented separately Robyn Drown by R. Brooke Holstedt, and Graydon Drown by Chapin Milbank and Stephen A. Lipton.

The couple's nine children ranging in age from 6 months to 16 years old were taken by child welfare authorities after the Drowns were arrested June 19. Seven of the children testified earlier in the trial as part of the prosecution's case.

The investigation began after two of the couple's teen sons confided in leaders involved in Temple Beth Sholom in South Salem, where the family regularly attended services and programs, and Chabad of Salem.

As part of Robyn Drown's defense, Holstedt said she was a battered woman who was psychologically terrorized by her husband and could not act outside of his control.

Lipton, Graydon Drown's attorney, said his client was a father who was a strict disciplinarian, but did not act beyond his means as a parent upholding reasonable corporal punishment.