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Click Link = Sends 1 dollar to Oregon Food Bank

December 17 2008 "last day"

By clicking a website link the total amount of clicks (up to 5,ooo) will be matched by an anymnous donor for one dollar per hit on their web meter for food at the Oregon Food Bank.
There is more info by clicking the link.
9:00pm 12.17.08
9:00pm 12.17.08
(Qoute from the website link I clicked on)

Buck-a-Hit Day goes back to its roots
When we started our holiday tradition known as Buck-a-Hit Day, the setup was simple. For every unique visit to this blog on a designated day, we'd give a dollar to charity. It was where charity met vanity.

> Visit this site today, Wednesday, 12-17, and a dollar will go to the Oregon Food Bank.

> Let's all DO it!


It's all for a good cause
The link is not a virus or trick
its real ... its kida fun
and its free to do ... money to give ...for food ... by a click

Almost There ! 17.Dec.2008 23:01

Joe Anybody

4,986 at 10:50

just give them the money and stop wasting our time 19.Dec.2008 10:51

bunch of fucking bullshit

This is like some kind of twisted mockery of voluntarism.