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You Tube: Neoliberalism and the State

The ruling bloc rediscovered the state to create a welfare state for capital. Neoliberalism is a concrete break from Keynesianism. In the past there was a place for workers in the structures. Neoliberals invested in think tanks and changed how people thought about the state.
Neoliberal reforms don't offer much in a downturn. In the past we had unemployment benefits and minimal protection against the culture of greed.

The right has a coherent agenda and the left is fractured. We need to invest in ideas and circulating ideas. A networked left is a stepping stone to a structured left.

www.socialistproject.ca, originating in Toronto, Canada, has many important articles and videos that could dispel a crippling nihilism and fatalism.

to watch the video "Neoliberalism and the State," click on

homepage: homepage: http://www.mbtranslations.com
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