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Solidarity Demo With Greece, This Saturday

We must show that resistance is global.

Solidarity demonstrations have happend all over the world, from embassy occupations, to burning cop cars, to candle light vigils, to banners and signs with words of what's to come. Check  http://ainfos. ca/en/ for reports on demos around the world

This Saturday Dec. 20 is the International Day of Action in Solidarity with the uprising in Greece.

Check your local indymedia or http://www. occupiedlondon. org/blog/ or put the call out yourselves for an action in your town. Below is the callout for the Portland action. Spread the word, this is important.


Solidarity Demo With Greece, This Saturday

Announcing a solidarity demonstration with greek radicals and students, fighting against police murder.

Saturday, December 20th at 5 PM at the North Park Blocks, by the riot elephant.

We wish to relate the struggle against police murder there to the struggle against police murder here. Bring your signs, banners, masks, drums, and spirit.

Dress WARM! 16.Dec.2008 15:47

a toasty warm medic

PLEASE dress for the weather! We may be in the middle of a snow storm on Saturday night and you'll be able to have a lot more fun if you're prepared!

Avoid cotton! Wear a hat and gloves! Waterproof shoes with good traction! Layer up!

demonstration with sole? 18.Dec.2008 10:03


Shall I bring an extra shoe?

cold. 20.Dec.2008 16:04


It's really snowy. I was wondering if people were still going to show up.

Documentation 21.Dec.2008 20:43

resistance is global

Documentation 12-20-08 21.Dec.2008 22:27

resistance is global

My previous attempt didn't work, so here's another go...