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We need a Muntadar al-Zaidi get out of jail fund

Muntadar al-Zaidi is the couragous Iraqi with the shoes Dubya should have gotten in touch with.
Maybe we need a Muntadar al-Zaidi fund for his release or legal bills or bail out (if any apply in Iraq or against Dubya).

Funds could be raised at Pioneer Square or other places by getting a chance to throw your footwear at a Bush (any of them). But this need not be just in the USA. Canadians could join in. Italians could have a "Dubya shoe in." The Swiss could have a "Sabot-Bush." Nay this should not be limited to Europe and North America. Scandals and boots from all of the world could raise yen, euros, peso, dinars, ruppees and even can food (for helping the poor).