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the Visionary Report: 30 Plus years of Rollback, Look Where We Are: Rigid Alienation Still

Embedded journey-art'l-ist "A. Visionary", dives under the ice and into the depths of today's issues citing Noam Chomsky on Rollback, exposing the hype of "helping" those fleeing or kicked-out of capitalist-centric domination (the homeless), and how these two phenomenon interact; and how uninvestigated beliefs work to perpetuate the very ideas we so vehemently claim to want to challenge and even evolve from!
The despised social-political analyst, Noam Chomsky, has long demystified the "Rollback" phenomenon, and for you who are still relatively "new" to reading Chomsky, is an exceptional place to begin truly seeing where we are, and especially, how we got to this situation. As well as offer some insights about "what we can do".

The very idea, as an apparent KBOO speaker mentioned this morning, that helping each other has somehow become, at least in curious circles, "romanticized". Wow.

That speaks volumes to how our priorities have lacked in terms of actual peace and human solidarity with each other. While so many of us have been busy replicating the oft obsolete tactics of "movement building", authenticity has suffered steadily. Think about it, if you "have time".

If you don't, then maybe that's okay too. You obviously are off to do something vital, then? Well, I'm saying that what I'm saying is vital. Because when we see how we participate in a system which is not really touching our hearts, we see the value of changing.

So then there's all these homeless people who had avoided (or been turned-away from) the institutional shelters, and "fallen through the cracks" up to now. A few hundred, at least, is my city-wide guess. And then, how about the others beyond them? Well, i'll let them speak to you sometime.

Why are they out there, then? Where are all the "anti-capitalists" and their "practicing what they're preaching"? "Movement building" no doubt on the internet....And with friends from college. ..And... A good start, but if that's all y'all can do, over and over each generation... Naw, but I know y'all are a broad diversity, and i don't wanna really make my own blanket assumptions!

Anyway, I'm coming from finding various folks on the street, whom, i figure, if they had met one of you who is SERIOUSLY committed to your desires, your inspiring ideas, --had been offered a place to sleep truly out of the wind and ice--they would have taken you up on it. Yes, I found one camp (which apparently had Sasquatch staying with them!), one lady, and one elder man out on the street lastnight. All knowing of local shelter, but because of experiences and feelings about the given institutions, preferring not to go there.

The lady was right across from the SE shelter (I repeatedly told her various things to possibly inspire her to go, as it's a Red Cross effort, yet she articulately refused). She wasn't inebriated.

The elder man was camped about a mile away. He's known to the local cops, I know, and the one time I heard them talk to him, they were far from nice. Anyway, this is the reality he was living in: a doorway with hardly a blanket. Well, i talked him into letting me get a large peice of cardboard out of a nearby dumpster, tear it so that it would shelter him better, and lay it near him so he could note the effect. I wasn't able to talk him into letting me help him move his stuff over to the shelter, but did later mention to a Red Cross worker at the shelter where he was and such.

So here are some examples of people right around you, whom you for whatever reason and such have apparently not made friends with enough. I said apparently. I too, i admit.

You know, for all you know, one of these folks may be able to help you, or know someone who can help you, with stuff you are dealing with. Think about that. Friendship isn't yet licensed, and we haven't yet been conditioned to let the professionals do it. So.

We have learned to let them deal with things because we have been misled in a host of ways. For one, the media continues to report truths/facts out of context, without empathy. So they have you all retreating to your privacy because you're afraid of others.

Well, I got a chance to meet up with one many of you would no doubt fear. A relatively young guy who was busy "going crazy" without apparent consciousness of such as his power. He kept doing surrealism on me, and one time interspersed it with an apparent threat. But it was so silly. He silly-ly told me to "give me all your money". Well, of course, MOST people would assume the worst. Right?

That's Rollback's values planted into you! You wouldn't see it as akin to a frontline interaction with professional decoys called "officers of the peace". Why is that? REally, think about that one!

For you who have to wait for some authority to tell you (when it's "safe"?), so that you can mobilize "appropriately" to the experts of human mediation, too bad. Because you will find yourselves getting that right back.

As for what Chomsky has to with all of this? The angle was "Rollback". It began with tons of funding in the 1970s, to Rollback the "bad" liberation-seeking of the "incapable" masses. To Roll us back from trusting in ourselves to reach each others' hearts and give ourselves permission to create and add to meaningful community ON OUR OWN TERMS.

If you can still find anything (why did ZMAG get rid of its online excerpts/books of Chomsky????), look this term up. Educate yourself more, or at least skip around in it! Seriously!

The author has weathered lots of winters out without heat, and has come to spiritually enjoy such challenges.

PS: How about those ghost-like winds lastnight? Whoa! Got me out to visit with them. And strange things happened. But don't take my word for it! Go out and experience an icey night walk yourself! See you out there!

homepage: homepage: http://visionary4evolution.wordpress.com

two weblinks to add 15.Dec.2008 12:52

A. Visionary

Two links to add:

Chomsky on Rollback, via the Scroogle search engine:

--Or just look up, in case this doesn't work:
"Noam Chomsky" + Rollback

The blog where this story is also posted:

(tried to post it at another blog i do, but hasn't worked...yet.)

a poem and comment that adds to the import of this message 15.Dec.2008 14:16

A. Visionary

a song from "South Pacific." It's
kind of sad that these words from 1949 are still reflective of the world in 2008.
(thanks to another visionary sharing this!)

You've Got to be Carefully Taught

You've got to be taught
To hate and fear
You've got to be taught
From year to year
It's got to be drummed
in your dear little ear
You've got to be carefully taught

You've got to be taught
To be afraid
Of people whose eyes
are oddly made
And people whose skin
Is a different shade
You've got to be carefully taught

You've got to be taught
Before it's too late
Before you are 6 or 7 or 8
To hate all the people
your relatives hate
You've got to be carefully taught

My comments:
It's more than this, too. If one's offspring fear as you do, then you can best help them...so their strategically-challenged wisdom might go. And in the reality that many are faced with, the BELIEF that they must conform to apparently dominating rules (i.e. coerced by more aggressive/intense fellow community members) is sustained.

And politics does nothing to seriously challenge this, you know. And if you organize such, you have to build up a huge constituency to even be superficially heard. You know what i'm sayin'?

Better to informally reach out! Better to reach out "in solidarity with humanity" regardless of political differences, as they seem to be. There's more than meets the eyes, okay! We are all kept hyped-up and divided! We can STILL speak authentically with each other, though! If we design our relations! Can YOU give yourself permission?