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Greek activists occupy one of the big TV stations

When the news doesn't show your views.. occupy the station!
Thats what Greeks did. The video of the broadcast from the occupied station SuperB Patra, a major TV station of Greece from the Patra area.
View You Tube video here:

Translation of the speeches there:

 link to www.3monkeyz.net

update 15.Dec.2008 12:19


During the day, 4 major radio stations were occupied and the protesters broadcasted their views on the recent events, read communique and made a call for more people to take part on the protests. Apart from those major stations that were occupied for a few minutes, there are two radio stations in Athens and one in Thessaloniki operating from inside the occupied universities.

British police violates freedom of press at Greek Embassy protest 15.Dec.2008 12:38


Super B is a local station in Patras 15.Dec.2008 12:56


What newsmax quotes happened yesterday (Sunday). Today (Monday) more radio stations were occupied (3 in Mitilini and 1 in Ioannina) and a new radio station inside the occupied University of Law in Athens was created!