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Turner, Oregon residents Robyn and Graydon Drown to face 25 each in charges of CHILD ABUSE

Robyn and Graydon Drown of Turner Oregon have been in custody since June on charges of assault with a weapon and criminal neglect. Their nine children, ranging from 6 weeks to sixteen years at the time of the arrest, have been in protective custody.
Robyn and Graydon Drown, residents of Turner Oregon and biological parents of 12 children, have been in custody at Marion County Correctional Facility since June 19th 2008. Both were indicted on 11 felony counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment and 14 counts of second-degree assault against their nine youngest children. The children, ranging from 6 weeks to sixteen years at the time of the arrest, have been in protective custody. In Placer County, California in the 1990s, at very young ages, the three oldest children of Robyn and Graydon Drown were removed from their parent's custody and were raised by his extended family.

While pregnant with their fourth child, the oldest of the nine who have recently been placed in protective custody, it is alleged that Robyn and Graydon Drown fled California to Alaska to ensure they could raise their newborn with their harsh form of discipline and avoid paying child support for the oldest three. The Drowns and her family, by the last name of Lewis, of Anchorage, were members of the radical Worldwide Church of God in Alaska. (  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worldwide_Church_of_God ) The Drowns moved to Oregon a couple of years ago and claim to have recently converted to Judaism, however acquaintances say that they are not Jewish and their religion changes to suit their circumstances.

According to jail documents filed by Marion County Detective Martin Bennett, two of the children told Marion County investigators that their parents regularly delivered "punishments" with two-by-fours, pieces of pipe, and switches. They also told authorities that in a fit of anger their father killed their pet goat in front of them. Documents also said the children feared they would receive more beatings at home if they told the truth to those who inquired about their injuries, so they rehearsed stories to explain away the reasons for any obvious injuries. Although Robyn and Graydon Drown claim to have "home schooled" all of the children, apparently few of them could even read at the time of their parent's arrest. The children were isolated from their peers and moved often.

The oldest adult child, who had been removed from her parents home in California as a minor almost two decades ago, wrote a heart-wrenching plea to Judge Hart in July. She said she was concerned for the safety of her minor siblings and asked that both parents be held without bail. (  http://www.statesmanjournal.com/assets/pdf/J0114263731.PDF ) Bail was subsequently denied for the father, Graydon, and set at $1.03 million for Robyn - an amount she did not meet. Robyn Drown's defence strategy is to now claim she is also victim, but it is being strongly refuted by many who know the couple, and Judge Hart said he wanted a better explanation of why the abuse went unreported for so long. "How does this go on for so many years?" Hart said. Their few supporters claim "government conspiracy" and "religious persecution" are the motives for the arrests.

The children had never visited a doctor, dentist, or had an eye examination. The youngest children were often left in the care of the older children, and it is alleged that neither parent provided much actual parenting. The children are now in foster care, and have received medical attention, dental care, and glasses. They have been provided the opportunity to attend school, and to visit each other regularly. Authorities learned of the alleged abuse from an anonymous tipster who told detectives he saw one of the boys with an injury, which was the size of a baseball, on the back of his head.

Both Robyn and Graydon Drown will face Judge Hart on Monday December 15, 2008 in a trial slated to last three days. (  http://apps.co.marion.or.us/JailRosters/mccfi_mcso.htm )

Shame on them 15.Dec.2008 08:03


Poor little goat.

It's time to answer to the courts, answering to god will come later 16.Dec.2008 20:31


Graydon Drown is sitting in the courtroom wearing a kippot, he is also getting kosher meals in jail. Oh so holy! To bad he puts the appearance of being a religious Jew above actually being one or even being a decent human being. But not as bad as the truth, that is is not a Jew at all, it is all a part of his grand religious delusion.

Robyn Drown, Graydon Drown's partner in child abuse for over 20 years is now crying "victim" in her attempt to get her sorry butt out of jail. She is not just as bad as her husband, she is WORSE. Unlike Graydon, who is foaming at the mouth bat shit crazy, she is NOT mentally ill. Her actions (and inactions)are inexcusable. Robyn Drown gave birth to 12 children and even when she knew they would live a life filled with misery, she kept right on having them! She stood beside her husband, protecting him and allowing him to live in his world of religious delusion. They both isolated, abused and lied to their children to mold them into a family cult in a "religion" of their own design.

Robyn Drown is not weak or passive. She never seemed to have a problem saying what was on her mind to anyone INCLUDING her husband. She was a cold and distant mother who barked orders at her children like they were dogs. She dose not deserve to ever get them returned to her. She had her chances, twelve of them, and she failed over and over.

Stockholm Syndrome my ass, more like how will I get out of answering for years of abuse, neglect and complete failure as a mother syndrome.

I hope the legal system shows these two pieces of human garbage the same compassion, understand in kindness they show to their children and that they are each sentenced to AT LEAST 20 years in prison.