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Sunday reports from Greece

Sunday reports from Greece
Sunday reports from Greece
After a night of clashing with the police around the Polytechnic University and in the Exarchia area, unjustified police violence against one of the most peaceful sit-in gatherings at Sintagma square and mass arrests (50 or so people) during a spontaneous demonstration (all people released hours later without charges), it was time for reorganization, meetings and propagandizing.

During the day, 4 major radio stations were occupied and the protesters broadcasted their views on the recent events, read communique and made a call for more people to take part on the protests. Apart from those major stations that were occupied for a few minutes, there are two radio stations in Athens and one in Thessaloniki operating from inside the occupied universities.

A few demonstrations and gatherings took place today:
In Athens there was a gathering on the point that Alexis was killed, called by the Exarchia residents and even though it was raining hard, lots of people showed up or at least pass and stayed for a few minutes and left. Also a demonstration in Petroupoli. Around 11pm, a group of 50 or so pupils tried to have a sit-in outside the parliament and the police forbid them to do so! It is said that a top-rank cop who was there suggested to the kids to "go have a coffee instead" and that is illegal to be on the square!
There was a motor and bike demonstration in Thessaloniki which was driven within residential neighborhoods and not through the city center as usual.
Moreover gatherings or demonstrations were organized in Corfu, Volos (banks and politican offices smashed here), Xanthi and Peraia.
Many assemblies and conventions took place to determine further actions and demonstrations.

The tv channels for the past few days have stop most of the reports about the protests and the police oppression , trying to keep the news out of the peoples tv sets, homes and lives.