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dear christians

wishing you a happy merry blessed get off our backs day.
let all be well and fine,

its that ironic time of year again, time to break out the spiked egg nog, brush the dust off the ornaments and wonder what about the spiritual highlight of the year again; what are you gonna get for yur booty treasure this year? yes like any other pirate looting its time to forget that your religioon takes aspects of every other faith (remember that as you are condeming them to hell). i really, really hope your messiah (egyptian for getting smeared with alligator fat) comes this year. specifically, i hope he/or she regains your attention that people are worth more than things, and reminds you that its not nice to be cruel (especially towards homeless people). perhaps your leader will encourage you to stop cutting down evergreen trees and supporting multinational corporations. i hope that you get what you need because otherwise you are hell to be around until new years. i also hope that you give the gift of love, because the landfills are getting quite full. so... happy merry get off my case day, and remember that your hero was homeless too. perhaps you could do me a favor and encourage obama to stop fighting your crusades.

enjoy love,peace, and let us be happy,
john doe