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Bomb Explodes in Woodburn

It would appear that a bomb exploded in Woodburn at the West Coast Bank. I have read that someone was taken to the hospital, but I have heard that someone is dead.
All of the usual media outlets are carrying stories about the po-po and the FB1 investiging a bomb and then it went boom. If somone knows more, they should say so.

Well, here's what I've learned.... 12.Dec.2008 22:55

citizen reporter

Well, for SOME reason, the bomb was actually carried into the bank where all the people were... by a COP.

For some reason, although the bomb was safely outside under a bush, where it probably would not have hurt anyone, it seems that a cop picked it up and carried it into the bank. I have no idea why someone would have made a move like that, but it looks like at least one person has been killed -- likely the person carrying it I would think. Also, the Woodburn police chief is in critical condition. Before people start making the usual jokes about cops, though, please remember that these are human beings (even if they have chosen the WRONG side), and it's almost Christmas. Makes me kind of sad.

I am afraid this is just a sign of things to come 13.Dec.2008 05:10


As the working classes and middle classes are facing economic suicide while banks and corporate elite are "bailed out" there will be increased violence towards the elite's symbols and embassies (banks and stores like Wal-Marts which are just colonial strongholds). As well as violence from individuals just seeking to survive. I would bet that in the next few days a "made up name" group will take credit. Some thing like the "Peoples Front of ...." whatever or the ".... People's Front see Monty Python's Life of Brian).

The class ware will take a new face soon.... if not in this case then eventually in some other. Look at what the first Gulf War brought to "America"... Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing. With the wars on class, race, ethnicity, gender and sexualities as well as the ongoing imperial resource wars should we be so stupid as to not expect a retaliation in the form of unfettered random violence. How many veterans have been cut or ignored? How many people have lost their jobs? How many young people have had their hopes dashed by raising tuition? How many people have died or seen loved ones suffer for a medical system based on profit? And yet we pretend to be shocked if there is a violent outburst. Put any animal in a cage with loud music, chronic stress, no hope of escape and slow poison ... and any creature with the ability would "rise up!" and quick death in that case would be embraced as mercy.

Luckily Democrats like Jane Harman pushed for the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. Oh and what was Barrack Obama on FISA? And now Obama wants to make aGuantßnamo in the USA to hold "detainees."

3 banks and ATMs attacked in Santa Cruz 13.Dec.2008 05:17


just a part of times to come be it because the war on the subservant classes or desperation

Political Statement? Or Lunacy! 13.Dec.2008 09:15

Den Mark, Vancouver

If this bombing were a political statement, it would not have been at essentially invisible West Coast Bank. It would have been at BofA or Citi or some such. This smells like something related to a personal grudge. There are lunatics "out there", which is why we need police. Too bad, but sociopaths exist, & we need police. What makes cops look bad is that sometimes sociopathic lunatics get badges & guns (think "Bergin"), & "the system" protects them, thereby tainting the entire profession. The public should be angrier with politicians, like Portland city council, who continue to tolerate bad cops, year after year after year, incident after incident after incident. Greece is on fire because people are angry, about a lot of things, but set off by the unjust killing of one person. ONE! Meanwhile, repeated unjust killings around here elicit protests of twelve people. And the politicians gleefully ignore it. Politicians don't give a fuck about Justice.

the odds are lunacy 13.Dec.2008 09:26


given as far as we know there was no "statement" associated with it like a phone call or a message or a flaming arrow or a box of assorted chocolates I would so far assume just madness. Now on the other hand even such a political statement really should be counted as lunacy. If this was a political statement why hurt others? Crazy glue in the locks or a nasty spray painted message across the the building would have more of an impact (if covered in the corporate media). Again as far as we can tell there was no announcement saying it was going to be a live bomb. Though the British Imperial Police during the occupation of Northern Ireland was known to keep such information from the public with the hope of body counts to change the popular image of the IRA to a bad image.

what I do not get 13.Dec.2008 09:48


Why in the Hell did the cop take the bomb back into the bank? If there is a bomb or an strange unknown container usually you isolate it by putting up the yellow tape and telling people to stay away until the bomb unit shows up with a robot to safely dispose of it. So why in the Hell did these idiots take it into a building where, if I understand it right, there were other people? Are the Woodburn law enforcement not told this in training? "See a strange package with a ticking sound, wires sticking out or a lit fuse then leave it the FUCK alone and get other people away from the God Dam thing!" Seriously the person that placed it there was obviously mentally disturb, but one must also question the actions and mental state of an officer taking an unknown object into the building where other people are.

from (I know stop rolling your eyes) CNN 13.Dec.2008 10:00

Ecotopian Yeti

Second person dies from Oregon bank blast

(CNN) -- A state bomb technician became the second person to die Saturday after a bomb exploded Friday evening at a Woodburn, Oregon, bank branch.

Technician Bill Hakim and police Capt. Tom Tennant were both killed, said Lt. Gregg Hastings, Oregon State Police spokesman.

Woodburn Police Chief Scott Russell was listed in critical condition at Oregon Health and Science University Hospital, according to hospital spokeswoman Christine Decker.

The three were investigating a suspicious device at a West Coast Bank branch when the bomb went off, police said. Police had brought the device inside after it was discovered outside, bank President Bob Sznewajs told CNN.

Sznewajs said that two bank employees who were in another part of the bank when the bomb exploded suffered very minor injuries. One who may have been hit by flying debris and the other was "bothered by the sound," Sznewajs said.

"I know that all of our employees are fine," Sznewajs said, adding that none of his employees had been allowed back into the front portion of the building, where the bomb exploded, "so we don't know what it's like in there."

"I heard a loud kaboom," Robert Currie, who was across the street, told CNN affiliate KATU. "Well, I'm a Vietnam veteran and that was no gunshot -- that was definitely a bomb. So I come running outside to see what was going on and the interior lights of the bank are all out. And the next thing, it's just swarming with police cars, two firetrucks and three or four ambulances."

Several emergency vehicles surrounded the building, according to news video from the scene, but the exterior of the building did not appear damaged.

Sznewajs said police were called to investigate a suspicious package Friday afternoon. Police gave the all clear, Sznewajs said, but a bank employee saw something in a bush outside the bank, and police were called back.

Sznewajs said he was not at the bank at the time of the incident, but he said his employees told him authorities "scanned it outside, then brought it in."

His employees had left the front of the building by that point, Sznewajs said, and it was not clear why the device was taken into the building.

Sznewajs said there were "four or five" employees in the bank about the same number of customers. None of them were in the front of the bank when the explosion took place.

Earlier Friday, police investigated a bomb threat called into a nearby Wells Fargo Bank branch but found nothing, Wells Fargo spokesman Tom Unger said. The call came in before 10:30 a.m., Unger said, and the branch closed at 2 p.m.

The Wells branch and the West Coast branch are less than 150 feet apart.

Woodburn is in the Willamette Valley about 30 miles south of Portland.

look at 13.Dec.2008 14:12

se e

video of cop at press conference,he looks indignant and shaky mad like the ultimate offense of a cop taking a hit.thats tyhe same shaky look they have when they harass you

murder in woodburn 14.Dec.2008 11:52

eugeneheckler dfrisch@pobox.com

At about 10:30 a.m. on Friday, December 12, 2008, the Wells Fargo bank on Newberg Highway in Woodburn, Oregon received a threatening phone call. The bank was evacuated, and police found a suspicious object but determined it wasn't dangerous.
The West Coast bank nearby asked police to check its bank, but police found nothing. Then later that afternoon, a bank employee found a mysterious item under a bush and called police again. At 5 p.m., police partially evacuated the building. [The way we know it was only partially evacuated is because Aimee Green of the Portland Oregonian reports "a female employee was treated at Salem Hospital and released. Another bank employee was uninjured."
After the West Coast Bank building was partially evacuated, Woodburn Police Department Chief Scott Russell, Captain Tom Tennant and Oregon State Police Trooper William Hakim (an expert bomb squad technician) transferred the suspicious object from the bushes into the West Coast bank. They scanned the item with a portable X-ray machine. At 5:24 p.m., after they had finished the scan, the item blew up. OSP Trooper Hakim and WPD Captain Tennant were killed. WPD Chief Russell was critically injured. An unnamed bank employee was critically injured. Trooper Hakim was the second Oregon State Police Arson & Explosives Section detective to die in the line of duty. The first was Sergeant Richard Schuening on October 2, 1997.
The AP article by Brad Cain in the Eugene Register Guard quoted Oregon State Police Lt. Gregg Hastings as saying "That we don't know." The Portland Oregonian article by Aimee didn't have a quote from Hastings and wrote "Authorities declined to comment on such details until the investigation reaches some findings. "
Though protocol varies by jurisdiction, Atlanta-based explosives expert Hal Lowder said in most cases a potential bomb would not be moved indoors. "I don't want to second-guess why they did what they did," Lowder said from his home in Atlanta. "But in some instances, you might move a device if it were to protect the public. Property damage always comes second."
By moving the bomb into the bank when there were still at least two bank employees inside, Chief Russell increased the likelihood of harm to people and property. Reasonable people can debate whether the person who left the package in the bushes deserves to be charged with the homicides of Trooper Hakim and Captain Tennant. But the responsibility for the injury to the bank employee goes entirely to Woodburn Police Chief Russell, the highest-ranking of the law enforcement agents who decided to bring a suspected explosive device into a partially evacuated bank.