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Friday reports from Greece

Friday reports from Greece
Friday reports from Greece
The weather today was on the police's side as it was pouring down rain during many of the protests.
Early in the morning protesters occupied the radio station Flash FM and broadcasted messages to thousands of people. In the evening students in the city of Patras occupied a local tv channel and did the same. The voice of the protesters is reaching even those who are locked inside their homes, hostages by the propaganda of the media. The occupation of Ag Dimitrios (in Athens) town hall continued, while students and other protesters occupied the town hall of Ioannina and the old town hall of Halandri (Athenian suburb).

The students keep closing down their schools and protest. Today they blocked roads and made (at least) two gatherings in front of the (heavily guarded) building of the parliament. In Ilioupolis (Athens) a car attacked highschool students who were blocking the street near their school, hitting and injuring two of them! The license plates of that were unregistered which only means that the car belongs to the police or a secret governmental agency and proves that the government is using ANY means to hurt and terrorize the protesters, even if they are 15yo kids.

The big demonstration in Athens numbered around 10000 people and the police showed their brutal face from the beginning. While the gathering was taking place, just a hundred meters away, the riot cops started making unjustified arrests and beating anyone who complained! Teachers, parents and journalists tried to stop the arresting and beating of a 13year old girl and they were hit too. A journalist was arrested while complaining about the arrests but was released. On numerous occasions, teachers, passerbys, shop-owners and people sitting in nearby cafes were trying to get students out of the hands of the police and they were verbally attacking the cops and telling them to leave and that they are not welcome here!! A riot squad was pushed away by shop-owners on the street because the didn't want them in the gallery their shops are! The demonstration started and whenever the cops were in sight there were confrontations. At Sintagma square, outside the parliament, the riot cops were deployed and as soon people started throwing objects, they fired tear gas and pushed the protesters away. Some of the riot squads also run after the protesters inside the square. There were some small scale classes afterwards. After the demonstration, some people returned to the occupied University Law and set an expensive SUV on fire (who the hell would leave a luxurious car there, after what is going on all these day.. well the cops of course) and the riot squads arrived soon afterwards. They tried to attack the people in the university but they got a strong response with rocks and petrol bombs and after one of the riot cops was hit by a molotov cocktail and was set on fire, they backed off.
In Thessaloniki there were two separate demonstrations. Demonstrations took place in Ioannina and Volos and they were peaceful. In Volos the cops used tear gas, although there was no attack against them and while the students had assured them that this would be a peaceful demonstration.
Photos:  http://fotogaleri.hurriyet.com.tr/galeridetay.aspx?cid=18494&rid=2
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Video:  http://www.tvxs.gr/v1593

A group of people attacked the office of the scumbag defender layer A. Kougias and smashed it up.
More highschools and university departments are getting occupied after assemblies and voting of their students.

The greek "justice" system shows its subhuman face once again, detaining people and putting them on jail until trial and using the terrorism law against them. Adults and minors are facing charges and are treated as terrorists by the state! The judges decided that 3 more people (from the city of Kozani), should be held in jail until trial! According to the media (by police sources), 176 have been arrested in Athens, 100 of which are immigrants. 24 have been put to jail until trial!
7 of the arrested in Madrid, Spain were also detained and will be held in jail!
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