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Jeff Fisher Civil Rights

The Court Case that changes the entire world

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Jeff Fisher Civil Rights
Jeff Fisher Civil Rights
"Jeffrey Jay Fisher Plaintiff pro-se, whistleblower

Mail: Wellington, Florida 33421

Tel: 770715-2171


District Court of Alexandria, Virginia


Joseph Klock, Drug Free America Foundation Inc.

Mel Sembler

St. Petersburg, Florida

Plus all other operating jurisdictions.

Jeffrey Jay Fisher, ) Case No. 1:06CV-1278

CLER 2006NOV-9P 4:50


Case Dockett: LMB-TRJ 10019171





Drug Free America Foundation Inc. ) RACKETEERING, CONSPIRACY




Doctor Cole, )

Robert Dupont Jr., Senior Director of Drug Free America Foundation

Complaint Remanded to include *Mel Sembler* as accomplice.

) JURY DEMANDED: Fully unbiased Jurors from the District of Alexandria, Virginia


) 18 U.S.C. 1961 et seq.;

) 18 U.S.C. 1964

) (Civil RICO Remedies); and,

) International Covenant o

) Civil and Political Rights

) (enacted by Congress with

) Specific Reservations ) in pari materia with the ) Supremacy Clause in the ) U.S. Constitution . "

 http://www.supremelaw.org/decs/agency/private.attorney.general.htm  http://www.supremelaw.org/decs/agency/private.attorney.general.htm  link to www.supremelaw.org

Introduction to RICO Racketeering Laws and Precedents:

This is a complex civil action for RICO remedies authorized by the federal statutes at 18 U.S.C. 1961 et seq.; for declaratory and injunctive relief; for actual, consequential and exemplary damages; and for all other relief which this honorable Superior Court deems just and proper under all circumstances which have occasioned this Initial COMPLAINT. See 18 U.S.C. 1964(a) and (c) ("Civil RICO").

The primary cause of this action is a widespread criminal enterprise engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity across State lines, and a conspiracy to engage in racketeering activity involving numerous RICO predicate acts during the past ten (10) calendar years.

The predicate acts alleged here cluster around criminal copyright infringement, trafficking in certain goods bearing counterfeit marks, tampering with and retaliation against a qualified Federal Witness, interstate transportation of stolen property, obstruction of justice, obstruction of criminal investigations, obstruction of State and local law enforcement, peonage and slavery. See 18 U.S.C. 2319, 2320, 1512, 1513, 2315, 1503, 1510, 1511 and 1581- 1588 respectively.

Other RICO predicate acts, although appearing to be isolated events, were actually part of the overall conspiracy and pattern of racketeering activity alleged herein, e.g. mail fraud and bank fraud. See 18 U.S.C. 1341 and 1344, respectively.

The primary objective of the racketeering enterprise has been to inflict severe and sustained economic hardship upon Plaintiff, with the intent of impairing, obstructing, preventing and discouraging Plaintiff from writing, publishing, investigating and conducting judicial activism as a qualified Private Attorney General.


This honorable Superior Court has original jurisdiction pursuant to the civil RICO remedies at 18 U.S.C. 1964, and the holdings of the U.S. Supreme Court in Tafflin v. Levitt, 493 U.S. 455 ( 1990), and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Lou v. Belzberg, 834 F.2d 730, hn. 4 (9th Cir. 1987) (California State courts have concurrent jurisdiction of civil RICO claims). "

Procedural Role Rules and Modus of Complaint:

1)Whereas, I Jeffrey J. Fisher witnessed on my own account categorical abuse administered on the children of Baypoint Schools, by one Joseph Klock and his municipalities and where-as the court in question did nothing to abstain from this abuse in the year of 2004 to which I administer this criminal complaint.

I witnessed from firsthand account, beginning in July 2004 if not before, Sean S. Lennon discussing the abuse done to these children in more than two different schools run by the Drug Free American Foundation which it was renamed to in 1998. Whereas previously the organization in question was called Straights Inc., and was categorically involved in abuse of teenagers and parents for one decade and passing.

On account of this, Sean S. Lennon showed me wherefore, these students being taught programming classes by one Doctor Cole, and his assistants, including Doctor Piotr Blass. Whereas this programming was being used to initiate election fraud projects in the year 1998, 1999 in respect to the identifiable pattern of theft called Choicepoint software which was conclusively removing voters from the rolls and disenfranchising those voters on this account.

Whereas, Joseph Klock and Doctor Cole allowed Sandra Mortham and state municipalities to employ Choicepoint software into their drug program, and remove voters from the rolls as well as machine rolls. Whereas, Sean S. Lennon showed to me in October of 2004 that this program was also being administered into the voting machines as manufactured by Sequoia Inc., Diebold Inc. in which I would show you for the record these tallies do not match and are fraudulent. Hither fore, I present this information into the court record that the analysis of these voting machines shows the votes being removed and blacklisted under the PRE-LAT examinations. In which, such examinations show the error "Card Stuck Insertion" and deny, blacklist, remove votes from these voting machines thus nullifying the person's right to vote.

In action, I request for the court to open this motion for review. Wherefore, I have witnessed first hand the man known as Joseph Klock, openly lie and deny the fact he abused and brainwashed these kids in Baypoint Schools. By the records I have in possession, I respectfully request under RICO Law 18 U.S.C of 1964 that Joseph Klock be subpoenaed to accept/deny the charges I am placing against him.

Wherefore, I request the court consideration of the following facts to which I will add into the record to clarify. That in July of 2004, Sean S. Lennon first approached me regarding the abuse taking place at Key College and Baypoint Schools.

Wherefore the evidence in this record shows, and continues to outline I request a motion to place all evidence into the court for review and a summons must be sent to Sean S. Lennon to agree to testify in court. Whereas, Sean S. Lennon discussed the fact that at least one student had filed charges, or left the program and still another may have died. Whereas, Sean S. Lennon further informed me with evidence that other training classes were happening in California, Ohio, and to specific overseas. Whereas, his information directly taken from computers in Joseph Klock's office show a pattern of clear, and consistent, racketeering criminal activity that needs to be open to review.

Under RICO Law 18 U.S.C of 1964, I request an open motion to proceed to the discovery phase of action in relationship to this trial. What I will submit is my testimony for the record, so further review of evidence and material may be presented according to the events as transpired.

I was made aware and with the following evidence in July of 2004, that Sean S. Lennon was engaged in tampering with physical elections in multiple locations and municipalities.





































 link to 20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com


 http://20-248-c.onlinestoragesolution.com/neversurrender/training.htm "

Following as applicable under RICO Statute 18 U.S.C. of the 1964 code for racketeering and all applicable law, I charge Joseph Klock with conspiracy to deliberately engage in duplicitous activities with underage children.

2) This continued and sustained for several months, where-by Piotr Blass instructed me to keep quiet about it and help get his son released from the abusive mind-control cults being administered by Drug Free America.


I also charge, hither-fore both Joseph Klock, Mel Sembler, Charlie Crist and those as applicable with the deliberate engaging of a pattern of racketeering. Up to and including abuse of minors, abuse of adults, profane practices forbidden under the law and the teaching of programming classes used for criminal activity.

I also charge, that in the period of July 2004 and earlier, Sean S. Lennon showed to me this information and he further showed to me with records the abuse going on at more than two schools. I charge Sean S. Lennon with concealment and conspiracy, deliberately burying these facts, obstruction of justice, and all actions herein which are attached.

That in July 2004 Sean S. Lennon did ask me to put a stop to the abuse at Baypoint Schools and elsewhere, and that Joseph Klock knew this, and Doctor Joe Klock and his accomplices did nothing to stop it. That in accordance with RICO Statute 18 of "U.S.C." under 1964, Joseph Klock behaved in a conspiratorial and duplicitous manner to cover up this abuse happening through the Drug Free America Foundation formerly called Straight Incorporated. On more than one occasion, I here-fore asked the authorities to intervene and stop the abuse that was for certain happening at these schools. And here-fore on more than one occasion, the authorities did not intervene and as a result there was criminal activity ongoing at each of these schools.

Criminal activity included deprivation of water, torture, teaching programming classes to tamper with elections, and inserting unauthorized software into the voting machines which would later disenfranchise thousands of poor and middle in-come voters.

Such software was used in practice, during the tenure of the United Kingdom, United States General Election, United States State Elections, and other municipalities, principal geographic locations, and powers as standing.

As such I present to you my full unfiltered testimony, archived format, from 2004 along with collaborating evidence to open this motion for formal review and litigation.



Ralph Nader came to me and offered his selfless assistance in protecting every American's right to have a fair election. Mr. Nader is the patriot who has decided that partisan loyalty is unacceptable in situations such as rigged election. I voted for and supported John Kerry, however he is surrounded by people who have kept him from receiving the message that he, as well as every voter in America, was cheated. I have been in contact with the Democratic National Committee's legal staff since November 12th. I have received thousands of emails asking why are they delaying to contact Senator Kerry regarding the information that would change the outcome of the November 2, 2004 election? Americans are SCREAMING for John Kerry to report to duty!To John Kerry: the nation and the Constitution are sinking fast! Save the ship (United States), its crew (American citizens) and its manifest (the U.S. Constitution) before its to late!!

To Ralph Nader,

Re: xxxxxx - (the Sender) see rense.com article "Cover-Up of 2000 and 2004 Florida Vote Continues" (Press release VoteFraud.org, and Blackboxvoting.org) 11-1-04For more statistical info, visit  http://www.jefffisherforcongress.com and click on the link labeled "Surprising Florida Presidential Election Results". The data reveals that the election results are inverted/cross-party voting.

On July 27, 2004 xxxxxx showed me an email dating from 1999 which stated that a successful run of posting felons' names to electronic voting went without any problem and leaving no audit trail. Mr. xxxxx also showed me information that it was done during the 2002 Florida Gubernatorial Democratic Primary as well. (Visit  http://www.jefffisherforcongress.com and click on link labeled "Thank you Michael Moore from Jeff Fisher and Thom Hartmann"). He then told me that due to this success and the improvement of programming that it would probably be used in the General Election on November 2, 2004. This was relayed to me on July 27, 2004 in the mid afternoon in a parking lot leading from a McDonald's to the local county library in the Kendall area of Dade County. He also mentioned to me that he was living in fear. He believed his family might be killed if they found out that he gave this information to anyone. I tried to get this information to John Kerry on many occasions through Charles Figley. All attempts were fruitless.

Additional information:Regarding conversation with xxxxxxx

xxxx also told me that day (July 27, 2004) that hardware and software for voting systems such as Sequoia, ES&S and Diebold could be compromised via computer coding (source) that was perfected at Bay Point School(s) and other locations throughout the United States over the past few years. This was learned by the interception of inter office emails that were located within the computer network and hard drives. Mr. xxxxxx informed me that he was hired to secure their Internet and Intranet system. During this time of securing the system he became aware of pertinent information that was not erased from the system regarding the production and development of computerized manipulation procedures to use on a national level for the 2000 general election. He told me and showed me that the 1999 email verified that a test run was conducted for Florida only, and was a great success due to hiding any visible audit trail verifying the posting of votes from the felons list. He also told me that the purpose for the casting of votes by felons without leaving an audit trail was the easiest method because they knew that no one would be looking at the list with interest as a possible form of voter fraud. The perpetrators knew that it was going to disenfranchise thousands of voters throughout the state of Florida. When I asked him how that would be accomplished he said that would be done by computer source coding that would appear random to the average person yet it was to create under and over voting and create a bias toward a specific candidate. I was unable to attain these documents because, as xxxx explained, someone had been killed and he felt it could happen to him also... or to his family. xxxxxx told me that he informed Dr. Piotr Blass of these facts and that they had yet to find someone whom they could trust with this information. He also said that he would, over time, show me more if I could prove myself to be reliable, loyal and trustworthy to Dr. Blass.

Later on during our conversation xxxxx showed me another email memo dated after the 2002 Florida Democratic Primary (Mid to late September) stating that the felons' procedure was a success in the election of Bill McBride over Janet Reno and Darryl Jones. xxxxx also told me that he had recently read an email that he could not show me for security reasons and the threat of possibly being killed. According to xxxxx, this email would reveal new electronic procedures that were being perfected in other facilities out of state and would possibly be implemented in the General Election this fall. I asked xxxx what it was and how it could be done. He said that it was an intricate network that has been developed since the mid 1990's and it would take place in several states to divert attention from a centralized location.

In August, Dr. Blass informed me that he knew that xxxxx had knowledge of how the coding was being distributed throughout the United States due to xxxx being the MIS Director at Baypoint School. He told me that xxxx had revealed this information to him in bits and pieces in the early part of 2004 (Jan-March) via personal contacts at Baypoint. Dr. Blass also told me he was friends with Joe Klock even though he was made aware [by xxxx] that Mr. Klock was allegedly having sexual relations with some of the male students.

During the month of October Dr. Blass was asking via email and on radio for financial support to free his son from Growing Together (see Rense article). His efforts were fruitless until approximately ten days before the General Election. Dr. Blass even had me advertise on my own website that if they contributed to my campaign I would donate 10% to the David Lopez Blass Defense Fund. Dr. Blass had my communications manager, Al Rogers, living in his home for several days promoting a petition to free his son, which would be given to Governor Jeb Bush. On Monday October 25, 2004, Dr. Blass informed me that he no longer needed Al's services or mine, for that matter, because he had Joe Klock assisting him in the release of his son, and that he had received the needed funds. When I asked him from whom he received the funds he first stated to me that it was none of my business. Then, a few minutes later he told me his brother provided the funds, but to not tell anyone.

In late October, Dr. Blass informed me, while at Key College (Dania Beach, Florida), that he had spoken with xxxx again and that more information had been obtained as to how Bay Point School was getting additional funding for computer training and equipment in 2001 and 2003. Dr. Blass thought that it was interesting as that Ambassador Sembler was a key factor in funneling funds to Bay Point School via Joseph Klock as well as to Connie Mack and Michael Bilarakis. I asked him how he knew this and he told me that xxxx had told him in April or May of 2004.

Russell Baker (Nation Magazine) has interviewed Mr. xxxx on Nov. 12, 2004 and had Mr. xxxx verbally confirm that there is documentation regarding election fraud.

On Monday 11/8/04 Jeff Fisher and Al Rogers met with the FBI for approximately two hours giving them a detailed report regarding electronic election fraud originating in Florida. They were interviewed by two agents. The location was at 505 Flagler Dr. West Palm Beach, Florida. The name of the supervising agent was Jeff Favita. His phone number is 305-944-9101.

On Wednesday, 11/17/04 I faxed to the Miami FBI office between 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. an email from Dr. Blass that strengthened my statement regarding proving loyalty was neccesary to obtain information from the "sender". "

3) On this day, Doctor Piotr Blass was also doing direct programming work for Joseph Klock which is acknowledged. It is acknowledged that Piotr Blass knew, and did not report until at least October of 2004, that the Drug Free America was abusing children up to and including his known son David Lopez Blass.

In that period of time, Doctor Piotr Blass also conversed with programmers overseas, programmers in other countries, and programmers who he happened to know personally were affiliated with these projects.

One of these programmers was from Poland, and he asked him here-fore to help put his son into another additional school which was not related after they had successfully litigated his release. Those schools, affiliated with Drug Free America, taught and continue to teach programming classes which are used for election fraud and which too are responsible for disenfranchising thousands of voters.

Those exchanges are presented below, with more in passing to continue in criminal complaint against this organization to which I worked for before discovery.




"Drogi Michale,

Bede po prostu pisal do Ciebie krotko i osobno.

Moj syn Dawid Blass to po prostu nowy Adam Michnik

tylko ze 40 lat pozniej.

Walczy on o godnosc ludzka i prawa dziecka.

Czy moga wladze Polskie zwrocic sie do braci Bushow

lub do ambasadora USA w Polsce

z prozba o opieke i wyzwolenie mojego syna ktory

juz tak wiele przecierpial.

Jak wiesz Jozek i ja cale zycie pomagamy tym ktorzy

walcza o lepszy swiat.

Tym razem rodzina Blassow prosi o pomoc dla najmlodszego

wnuka Bronka Blassa i Judyty Blass Dawidka ktory konczy 15 lat w poniedzialek.

Jest uwieziony bez podstaw od 120 dni w b zlym miejscu

gdzie probuja zlamac wole i przyszlosc dzieci Growing Together Inc.

w Lake Worth ,Florida, USA.

A propos Dawidek mowi plynnie po polsku i chce odwiedzic Kraj

i uczyc sie w Polsce jak odzyska wolnosc.

Byc moze wystapi o polskie obywatelstwo.

W Polsce moim zdaniem dzieci sa traktowane lepiej niz tu przez spolecznstwo ,kosciol

i przez wladze.

Ma lat 15 ale jest juz przyjety przez University of Michigan w Ann Arbor.

Chce byc lekarzem i prawnikiem a la Dr Janusz Korczak

Czy mozesz zasugerowac jakis program?

Petycja jest na


Nasza nauczycielka pani Rudnicka --Rudnisia-- na pewno tez by Ciebie poprosila abys pomogl temu b fajnemu chlopakowi.

Byc moze tak jak Adam Michnik bedzie mial wielu nauczycieli.

Wlacznie z Toba Michale.

Ja mu z duma opowidalem o naszej szkole i Tobie rowniez.


Piotrek Blass


US Senate Candidate from Florida Nov 2004


serdecznie zapraszam na Floryde

Jozek tez b pomaga ale swoim cichym sposobem

Pozdrow prosze jasia litynskiego,janusza weissa i Adama Michnika

ktorego rodzina zna mojego syna (Alain) (bawili sie w chowanego a ja pomagalem

z matmy)


Jak mozemy stworzyc stypendium imienia Rudnisi?

Chyba w naszej szkole albo...?


21 WDH

wszedzie nas pedzi wszedzie gna... "


Translated from Polish to English, the last paragraph reads quite clearly instructions to transfer the students into an additional school to be decided.

" I invite help on cordially thesis ex- <> Floryde Jozek but quiet manner Pozdrow prosze jasia litynskiego, janusz weissa and to sheltered adam family know my son ( ) ( entertain (play) Michnika ktorego Alain sie but I with (from) ) pomagalem matmy ps2 how scholarship name mozemy stworzyc Rudnisi? Probably, in our school either (or). 21 We ps3 WDH wszedzie pedzi wszedzie gna."



Continued and passing, here is the effects of the abuse which Joseph Klock and others had for many years administered and with no court intervention.

"They were obviously very mad at me because of the disclosure of gt as a cult.Now the Bible is beginning to be quoted by some parents and there is no mention of the Big Book by Wilson any more. Also the parents have become much more love expressing since DCF is investigating the gt cult.Now came the time for announcements: anniversaries were announced and applauded birthdays etc. I stood up and announced: David Lopez Blass Remember the Jewish High Holidays are coming Ros-ha Shana and Yom Kippur Happy New Year I said to my son. The holidays are practically upon us: At this point the cult went wild: I was shouted down as speaking out of the ordinary A younger cult member ran to David to console him from the Embarrassment of my mentioning the Jewish Holiday. They are making a huge effort to poison David's mind against me the archenemy of the cult. Carrie Ferguson insisted on locking hands with me in a final chanting circle of the cult (I do not chant which they consider very rude) She started hissing at me : you want to hurt your child, do you do you? I politely explained that no. Then she said : You will not see him tonight as a punishment for your Jewish Holidays mention

She then hissed to me : "You misspelled my name to the FBI" I may have and will be happy to to correct my mistake so that she may be correctly investigated. She told me that she feels very sorry for my son. I do also since he is at gt.(He just won another award Talk and Responsibility)It is obvious to me that they are now telling David that the only way that he will get out of the gt hell is if he turns against the arch enemy IE his Dad. Chill gt it ain't gonna work.!!! We may pretend to have differences but we are buddies for life no matter what your criminal intimidation leads you to do.

Let me remind you gt: Carrie Ferguson(spelling?) and Pat Allard executive criminal that alienating a child from a loving parent using pretend embarrassment is extreme mental child abuse and that you will be held accountable for it by DCF and other agencies involved.

The days of cult intimidation are over. The time to pack your bags is inevitably approaching my gt buddies.You have abused enough kids. David and Dad will be your nemesis.They opened the curtain and forced David Blass to postpone our talk till Monday.I told him that I loved him and he looked very scared of gt. I told him : we shall talk on Monday I am sure that they will attempt to torture us both on Monday some more and make us sit through their cult trainings that they really enjoy.Then they will claim that David does not wish to see his Dad and try to force him to express it. Whatever they do ,whatever he is forced to say in front of these monsters ,I will love him all the same and he will love me all the same. Gt your game is dirty and it is criminal and it is doomed.Timothy Ressler and DCF have been trained to detect parental alienation attempts: the oldest trick in the book.Finally Carrie Ferguson(Looks and Spelling are a bit shaky) followed me downstairs to the locked door (May the Lord help me being locked up with this whitch) and shouted at me publicly CRETIN Harvard and Michigan degrees notwithstanding. She has none of those. Just cult chutzpa Since I used silence as my shield as I always do at gt this was meant as much as an intimidation to me that I will not be allowed to see my kidas a training in cult obedience to all the other parents.One Dr Piotr Blass is more than enough for gt.I reported a hate crime to the Lake Worth Police sgt Rispoli was not there but sgt Veracci(spelling again was)I ask and urge DCF again to take David out of gt now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If his mind gets poisoned by them and if he requires extensive deprogramming the blame will fall on DCF and so will the astronomical cost of deprogramming a cult victim."


"The president of that school Paul Corts instructed the Faculty not to support me against false allegations 11 years ago. The anti-Semitic hostility of PBAU has never abated although I was a leading professor there for five years. They escort me out of the campus whenever I visit scholars and students there who remember me and who treat me with love and respect.

N.Lopez is anti-Semitic as is O.Lopez

I allege that this is not just child abuse.

It is also a hate crime that has been going on for some 15 years.

Enough is enough.

Thank you!!!

And I will provide any information that you need additionally. I will submit myself to any lie detector tests that you may wish to have and I challenge the perpetrators and their cronies to do the same.

Please save my sons life, his health, his future and his American Dream!!! "



"A Coral Springs couple commits a rebellious daughter to a drug treatment center in Lake Worth. Fifteen months later, 15-year-old Dana is "a child whose spirit and sense of confidence has been totally crushed," a psychiatrist finds.

Dana, like many shell-shocked war veterans, suffers "post-traumatic stress disorder" stemming from her time with Growing Together Inc., according to a diagnosis from Coral Springs psychiatrist Stephen Moskowitz, who was hired by Dana`s parents.

Growing Together is a private, non-profit center that provides substance-abuse treatment for about 50 teen-agers, some of whom are there voluntarily and others under court orders obtained by their parents.

As a result of letters from Dana`s mother to Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Michael Gersten, who signed the order committing Dana for drug treatment, the state Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services conducted an investigation into her allegations of abuse committed at the center.

On Thursday, findings of that investigation were given to Gersten, who said that what he had heard and seen "smacks of child abuse."

"Until such time as I am convinced in my own mind that yours is a competent program, I as a judge will not be entering orders of placement into your program," he told Growing Together Executive Director Barbara Griffith. "I don`t think I legitimately could."

The HRS findings paint a scenario in which:

Youths more advanced in the program have authority to tackle the newcomers to the floor to discipline them, even after two previous written citations from HRS.

Children are prohibited from communicating with their families until they earn that privilege, which, in Dana`s case, took more than three months.

Newcomers to the program have no privacy and are taken by the hand or by the belt loop to the bathroom.

Children sleep on floors in locked bedrooms, violating fire and safety standards.

Youths do not always have their own clean towels and bedding.

Clients do not have qualified counselors assigned to work one-on-one with them.

They are not told that they are allowed to file grievances about the program.

"The state does not sanction this in any way, shape or form. The state does not sanction the restraint of kids by other kids, the lack of privacy or the lack of visitation," said Rik Pavlescak, HRS district director of substance abuse services, who headed the investigation. "Kids in detention center have more rights than kids coming into this program. People in jail do." "


4) Continuing well into October 2004 it was confirmed that, these abusive mind control cults were causing criminal activity and engaging in torture as well as identity theft. Further and in this time-frame, I was made aware with evidence of serious criminal actions being taken by Doctor Joseph Klock, his staff, Drug Free America which employs them and no court action was taken.

I submit this testimony under penalty of perjury that Doctor Klock paid a total of $10,000 to Doctor Blass, and other teachers, to have them teach immigrants and other students within the congressional page programs how to write software which would later delete and destroy thousands of votes.

 link to www.mediamax.com


"Dear Erskin Bowles,

I need to speak with you regarding an investigation launched by Jeff Fisher, Florida 16th District Congressional Democratic candidate

( www.JeffFisherforCongress.com ) that has uncovered strong corroborating evidence regarding voting fraud committed on Nov. 2nd with direct implications effecting your race and election here in North Carolina.

I am was very active in the 2004 November campaign working at both Edwards for President, Kerry Edwards, Wake DNC as well as other grass roots mobilization, registration and poll monitoring efforts.

Their investigation, which is now under review by the FBI, Cam Kerry's DNC Legal Team in DC, Ralph Nader, 60 Minutes, Michael Moore and others has direct effect on what I believe was vote tampering committed against you and the Kerry Edwards ticket here in North Carolina.

I believe it will explain the divergence from polls and your larger than expected loss in an otherwse tight race and should launch a full investigation into a recount of all votes in your and the Presidential election race here in North Carolina.

Of course with the continuing problems regarding E Voting tallies and the loss of 4500 votes in Charlotte the possible recount for the state may happen anyways. This of course goes way beyond that in scope as it involves a criminal conspiracy that also effected the presidential race.

The vote tampering was achieved from remote locations in Florida and elsewhere to alter Diebold Optical Scan and E Voting machines and transfer votes from you to your competitor Richard Burr. I have no evidence that Burr was involved in any way.

The vote tampering I believe also effected the Kerry Edwards race by achieving the same result with Bush.

I was actively involved in the grass roots efforts with ACT and other groups and followed the early voting pattern very closely.

In addition in checking with Blasie Strenn at Wake DNC and contacts at Kerry Edwards all early polling looked excellent and showed all signs of a significant win for you as well as Kerry Edwards. Obvioulsy that didn't happen. This is why.

I have also attached an analysis on the North Carolina 11-2 election results posted last night on Democratic Underground.com regarding the bizarre statistical divergence of your 6% loss and Kerry Edwards 13% loss. When isolating and comparing the early voting results, polling data and actual election day resulys. there are opnly two things that don't correlate. Your negative results and kerry Edwards.

By combining my intimate knowledge of the Florida investigation ( I am working closely with Jeff Fisher )and the analysis posted last night I am convinced you were cheated of your rightful place as the next Senator for this great State of North Carolina.

After reviewing the link and attached document please call at your earliest convenience so i may be off further assistance.

My personal goal in this debacle is not simply the reinstatement of the Democratic candidates that I believe were elected to serve by the people of North Carolina and the US but the restoration of the integrity of our entire election system. This is the root of our precious democracy and it must be defended against this vote fraud and hijacking.


R G.

Raleigh NC "




That Mark Foley, the opponent I ran against, was here-fore fully aware of this occurring and further refused to do anything about it in any session of Congress. Nor in any state, nor in any election race, nation-wide.



I charge in statement and practice, Joseph Klock and Mark Foley in reasonable cause, with the act of racketeering and conspiracy to hide this information from the public. I charge them with concealment and conspiracy, in order to protect higher individuals, such as Melvin Floyd Sembler, who has been destroying our elections and brainwashing supervisors to do it.





"I was willing to listen however they lost my support when they asked me to drop the case against Growing Together.

Growing Together is abusing children and I will not hide that truth. This is a formal and public request to Rick Bradshaw to dismiss this person on his campaign and I pray that Rick Bradshaw doesn't share the same opinion of that campaign worker.Rick Bradshaw, to earn my respect and possible support you must join the fight to stop child abuse at Growing Together.Senator Robert Graham and Betty Castor are are in my corner to correct this horrific, nightmarish injustice."



"While America forgot about the vivid memories of 911 due to the ongoing climbing death toll in Iraq, I continued to remember the nine friends that I lost that day in New York. I took Ms Rhodes advice and placed a photographic reminder on my web site of that terrible day to remind America what George Bush got every American involved in without our permission.

What I was going to say on the radio? I was going to remind America that the most important election was taking place on Tuesday in Palm Beach County. Why Palm Beach County? I will tell you why.

Teresa Lepore is up for re-election. Teresa Lepore (mother of the butterfly ballot and defender of Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush, President Bush, the felons list and non verifiable electronic voting) is up to her cheating and lawbreaking characteristics that she has perfected over the last four years. She has fought our honorable Congressman Robert Wexler who has been fighting for the American voter to make sure our votes can be counted with a paper trail.

A couple of weeks ago Ms. Lepore tested the machines in front of candidates and the media with our Secretary of State Glenda Hood present. Bruce Serrell and I witnessed a voting machine have a electronic glitch and after they redid the test two members of the Canvassing Board actually state they we fabricated the mishap. These two canvassing members are elected officials and yes they are Republicans. Their names are Karen Marcus and Tony Masolotti.

Palm Beach County canvassing board also made the decision if signatures on absentee ballots are valid or not valid when they don't match the voting records. Susan Vanhouten of the Palm Beach Coalition for Election Reform raised the question of having an independent and authorized individual who specialized in handwriting analysis. The canvassing board decided that was not necessary and they would make the subjective decision. Ms Hood told us that each canvassing board had that option."


I do fore-swear under penalty of perjury, that both myself and Susan Vanhouten witnessed those voting machines deleting votes as a result of the programming conducted within the Drug Free America program, specifically by Doctor Blass, Sean Lennon, Clint Curtis, and anyone else fore-mentioned.

 link to download-v5.streamload.com

No decision was made, said Kay Albowicz, a representative for the Washington, D.C., group. NIST, a nonregulatory agency based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, works with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements and standards.

Computer scientists have raised concerns about the security of computerized voting machines for the past few years, but they haven't been able to gather much support from election officials, who remain confident that the systems are basically secure from tampering and breakdowns. The Johns Hopkins study is the first piece of evidence that current touch-screen technology could be seriously flawed.

While stressing that more studies will have to be conducted to find out just how vulnerable these are, "there is a sense that in the past (critics of computerized machines) were part of the black box crowd and conspiracy theorists," Albowicz said. "No one is saying that now."

Aviel Rubin, technical director of the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute, led a team of three computer scientists to examine source code for touch-screen voting machines made by Diebold. More than 40,000 Diebold voting machines are in use in 37 states. Most use touch-screen technology, while the rest use optical-scanning equipment, said Mike Jacobsen, a company spokesman.

The code was downloaded earlier this year from a company FTP site. The site isn't public, but it's also not secure. Diebold's field representatives used the site to fix the company's voting machines. Diebold has since pulled the source code off the Internet. The company's employees now carry discs.

Within a half-hour of examining the code, Rubin's team found its first red flag. The password was embedded in the source code. "You learn (not to do) that in security 101," said Tadayoshi Kohno, one of the report's co-authors. "The designers didn't follow standard engineering processes."

Other "stunning flaws" Rubin said the team found in Diebold's source code included voter smart cards that could be manipulated to cast more than one vote, software that could be reconfigured by malicious company workers or election officials to alter voters' ballot choices without their knowledge and machines that could be electronically broken into through remote access.

"The people who wrote this code didn't have very good security training," Rubin said. "They didn't use encryption."

Diebold spokesmen said the code Rubin downloaded and examined was more than a year old. The code he obtained was "less than 5 percent" of the whole application, they said. In addition, the application Rubin examined "on the whole is not the same" as applications in machines used in elections in places like Georgia and Maryland, said John Kristoff, Diebold's director of communication and investor relations. "

"Now a New Zealand political activist has published suspicions, along with supporting evidence, that electronic voting in the US is being manipulated by right-wing politicians with the connivance of several voting machine manufacturers. The story revolves around some highly volatile conjectures and might be explosive, if fully investigated.

The article is reprinted below with permission, lightly edited merely for formatting, minor typos and a minor fact (G.W. Bush isn't a Jr.).

Here at the INQUIRER, we can't help but notice that the highly, er... accommodating database software that drives these allegedly dodgy and easily tampered electronic voting machines is... Microsoft Access.

And we're trying to decide on a catchy term that ends in "gate".µ


Sludge Report #154

Bigger Than Watergate!

The story you are about to read is in this writer's view the biggest political scandal in American history, if not global history. And it is being broken today here in New Zealand.

This story cuts to the bone the machinery of democracy in America today. Democracy is the only protection we have against despotic and arbitrary government, and this story is deeply disturbing.

Imagine if you will that you are a political interest group that wishes to control forevermore the levers of power. Imagine further that you know you are likely to implement a highly unpopular political agenda, and you do not wish to be removed by a ballot driven backlash."


 link to www.mediamax.com

"Top of Form

Details will follow as these are put into action.I was able to wish him Hatima Tova for Yom Kippur!!!!!!!!!!!He wished me a Happy New Year with a wonderful smileon his face.

Bottom of Form

To:  baypointmc@aol.com From: "Piotr Blass" < pblass2002@yahoo.com> Date: Thur, 26 Jun 2003 18:09:32 -0700 (PDT) Subject: Shalom Good News

Thanks again for the heads up on programing situation.

The termination issue is set for operation. The DOT will have one less programming bug. The scheduled date for commencement is June 29, 2003.

Thanks for the earlier email from you. As usual, theletter was eliminated like the investigator. Mr. Bakerhas funds to cover this. Another funder has entered the project. I have been given an assignment. Design new program that is superior to 98-99 project. The newfunder is J.A. Baker recommends this person.

Sending student to pick up funds at P.O. Box 611374, Miami, Fl "



Date:Tue, 6 Jul 2004 13:47:22 -0700 (PDT)From: "Piotr Blass" < pblass2002@yahoo.com> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Subject:Re: Press Release from Fisher CampaignTo:"jeff fisher" < jefffisher16@yahoo.com>, "Sean S. Lennon" < seanlennon@cyberbless.com>Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Dear Jeff Fisher,

Good news:

Bob Montgomery is looking at David Blass'

situation.I talked with him today.

Your senate endorsement is for the Democratic primary

after that I intend to go on the offensive with your help

and you will get my help.

We shall put PD in Zahal...



Dr Piotr Blass

ps Sean will not work with you unless the above is clear and agreed upon..."


"Then it was our President's turn. He used the phrase "free Iraq" about half a dozen times. We know Iraq is free because Mr. Bush explained, he has just appointed Iraq's "governing council." The puppet show, our president told us gleefully, "is now meeting regularly." What about -- dare I mention the word -- ELECTIONS? To ask during a presidential press conference about the possibility that Iraqis be allowed to vote is considered as appropriate as passing wind at a debutante ball. "Democracy," Mr. Bush wagged his finger, "will take time to create." Indeed, it's only right that free and fair elections in Iraq should wait until after free and fair elections in Florida. And THAT is not scheduled until after 2004.

Democracy, Bush and Blair admonish us, is not something we can rush into. Their point was illustrated this week when, in a little noticed announcement, Bush's man Bremer, who issues his dictates from Saddam's old office, cancelled all local elections. Bremer has decided that what Iraqis really needs now more than the chance to chose their government is an armed and unchallengeable strongman, himself.

At the press conference, the questions moved from democracy to Blair's and Bush's jointly written work of fiction: the tale of Saddam's buying up nuclear mud from the African nation of Niger. The story was, as the English say, "bollocks," but George Bush gamely insisted that, "I strongly BELIEVE [Saddam] was trying to reconstitute his nuclear program."

Mr. Bush used the term "believe" several times. It seems that as a child, our President was awestruck by the repetitive annunciation of faith to revive Tinkerbell ("We believe in fairies, Tink! We really BELIEVE!"). He is apparently unaware that the decision to go war is supposed to be based, not on beliefs, but on hard intelligence."

"Channel 12 last night did not even air the footage that they shot of the flyer that proved that the SOE was to remain open till 7:00 p.m. Ms Metzger informed me that they were running a business. I informed her that she was a journalist and was to report the news. I also informed her that I would be sending reports to everyone on the Internet. She said that I was bluffing. I then told her my favorite quote that explains why I am loud and vocal regarding our rights. The quote is "Moderation in the pursuit of liberty or justice is no virtue--Extremism in the pursuit of freedom is no vice."

August 30, 2004

Report from Jeff Fisher, Congressional Candidate regarding early voting in Palm Beach County. Today at approx. 5:30 p.m. I arrived at the main SOE office in Palm Beach County to cast my early vote. When I tried to enter the building the door was locked. I knocked on the door and the police opened the door and said they were closed. I stated that could not be so, the office is supposed to be opened to 7:00 p.m. Mr. Joseph Korb, (policeman) said that Theresa Lepore had told him to lock the doors at 5:00. I immediately called Kindra Muntz to report the incident. I then went to the television station crew that was about to leave the parking lot. I convinced them to stay. I did this by explaining the mass mailing the SOE office sent advertised early voting hours of 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the main office. This was published and sent to all Palm Beach voters as a flyer paid by Palm Beach taxpayers prior to the start of early voting. They opened the door approx. 15 minutes later and let us all vote. I asked the police officer how many people were turned away before I came to vote. He said it was between 20 and 30 people. This action is possibly a felony regarding Florida's voting rights. Turning away voters by closing of the polls at the incorrect time. Channel 12 filmed the event. I went to Channel 5 and spoke with the producer and she did not feel that this story was newsworthy. I also contacted the Sun-Sentinel and they seem to be interested in the story. The reporter I gave the story to was Doug Bennett. His email is  dbennett@sun-sentinel.com I also contacted Congressman Dennis Kucinich office, the Kerry Campaign and the Arthur Anderson campaign staff. I spoke with Aida Serrell.

I also stated to the newspaper that if any race is decided by 20 or 30 votes that I will be asking for a full investigation into Theresa Lepore's action on August 30, 2004 regarding the closing of the polls. "



To:"David Priede" < davidpriede@yahoo.com>, "76lee" < 76lee@cua.edu>, "sebastian alegrett" < salegrett@alenet.com>, "Christina And" < chhrt@aol.com>, "Basia Arska" < basiaarska@yahoo.com>, "Bill Baumner" < bbaumner@gainesandsmith.com>, "William M. Beecham" < wbeecham@gate.net>, "Anatol Blass" < ablass@gmail.com>, "Malgosia Blass" < mkhavin@uark.edu>, "Piotr Blass" < pblass2002@yahoo.com>, "Marek Borowski" < borowskibiuro@wp.pl>, "Helena Roza Brus" < helena_brus@merck.com>, "Hermann Burckhardt" < hermannb03@yahoo.com>, "Dan Clarke" < dclarke@c2i2.com>, "Dr Cole" < baypointmc@aol.com>, "Deric Davenport" < deric.davenport@ppcc.edu>, "Bill demler" < wdemler@bellsouth.net>, "Melony L Dennis" < melony9@lycos.com>, "Dottie" < phares@ias.edu>, "Jacek Drozdzynski" < jacek@total.neostrada.pl>, "Charles Figley" < cfigley@garnet.acns.fsu.edu>, "Jeff Fisher" < jefffisherforcongress@walkingwithfisher.com>, "Garcia" < blankygarcia@bellsouth.net>, "Wlodzimierz Holsztynski" < sennajawa@yahoo.com>, "Larry Hussey" < lfhussey@hotmail.com>, "Hughes James-EJH005" < ejh005@freescale.com>, "Charlotte Kasl" < contact@charlottekasl.com>, "Kelly" < kellysuemcginty@yahoo.com>, "Michal Kleiber" < michal.kleiber@ippt.gov.pl>, "Joseph Kolibal" < Joseph.Kolibal@usm.edu>, "John Lee" < crcdc@erols.com>, "Sean S. Lennon" < seanlennon@cyberbless.com>, "David Levy" < davidlevy1@juno.com>, "blewter Lewter" < blewter@prodigy.net>, "Marcelius" < majmusic@yahoo.com>, "Wiktor Markowicz" < wiciom@hotmail.com>, "John McGovern" < jtm@rmmj.com>, "Wiktor Melman" < wikamel@optonline.net>, "Alain Michnick" < amichnick@rcn.com>, "Adam Michnik" < ryb@agora.pl>,  mjrx@aol.com, "Annelies Mouring" < camouring@earthlink.net>, "John Post" < john@postfamilie.com>, "rudakov" < rudakov@math.ntnu.no>, "Richard Sauber" < rsauber@msn.com>, "scott porter" < sporter@orl.devry.edu>, "Susan Selwyn" < sselwyn@isc-global.com>, "Jay Shatto" < lionspride87@yahoo.com>, "Barry Silver" < barryboca@aol.com>, "Barry Silver" < Barryboca@aol.com>, "Abbey Strauss" < astrauss@gate.net>,  Tremski@t-online.de, "oscar ziemba" < wally@gate.net>, "Don (Boca Raton) Zimmermann" < dzimmermann@adt.com>HTML Attachment [ Scan and Save to Computer | Save to Yahoo! Briefcase ]

Dear David Priede,

David Blass is in great distress.

Please watch your e mail as the situation develops.

Your wisdom and kindness are always appreciated.

What are you up to these days.

I work three jobs: two colleges and industry.

Any news on sql server 2005 yet?


Dr Piotr BlassDavid Priede < davidpriede@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello Dr. Blass,"


"Hi Robyn Lorenz,

There are several ways to approach higher dimensional art.

Let us work on this together:

We need to look at Escher,Dali,

mathematician Banchhoff from Brown U

also at so called computer vision....etc

This list is not meant to confuse you but as

a confession that I do not know what the best

approach will be.

Also multimedia ideas --singing sculpture--

are relevent here as well as moving sculpture....

Let us get together and talk a bit."


"Are they allowing and risking for David and others there to be another statistic?

Two kids recently died out of Baypoint Schools another DCF licensed

facility in South Florida.

Omar----is all over the press

and David Okara a Nigerian kid------soon will be all over the press.

How many more victims will it take for kids not to be returned

to known abusers????????????

Let us all make sure that David Blass is not another one.

Being without an abuse hot line at the gt sites of gang rapes and brainwashing

is very dangerous to say the least.

Please call your elective representatives and the media and election candidates

to investigate and to stop this outrage now!.

Enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!! "



5) As all of the information continued to accumulate, I confirmed that the felons program was perfected for use and would be administered in the 2004 elections globally. They would then be submitted, cross-checked, and used for upcoming elections in the millennium. In November of 2004 I went through the motions to pass this evidence onward, and nothing, besides some people telling the voters to use provisionals, was ever done. Nobody, least of all the Attorney General took any corrective action whatsoever. Included in the parsing of this document, is the original felon lists which they used to disenfranchise many thousands of voters nationwide. It is to be added as further evidence, and added to the charges I am placing against the party in question.






We have further additional documents that will be added in, they will be applied directly to this directive, to open up this motion for review and begin trial.




:: September 25, 2002 ::

Why didn't Jeb Bush's daughter go to the rehab her father supports?

A follow up: As it turns out Noelle Bush could have gone to "SAFE" in Orlando, a drug rehab facility endorsed and personally supported by her father. But she was sent to another Orlando drug treatment facility instead.Jeb Bush and his wife Columba both serve on the advisory board for the "Drug Free America Foundation," the latest incarnation of "Straight," a controversial drug treatment program founded by Mel and Betty Sembler. Mrs. Sembler was once the Florida governor's campaign co-chair and he subsequently declared a "Betty Sembler Day" in honor of her anti-drug work. Despite that singular honor Sembler's Straight was embroiled in scandal and lawsuits. Eventually its facility in Orlando was shut down. But the same day Straight closed its former executive director opened "SAFE." Governor Bush has since endorsed SAFE and visited it personally.Two years ago SAFE, like its predecessor Straight, faced allegations of abuse. Those allegations became the focus of a Miami WAMI TV expose. But Jeb Bush still endorsed SAFE. However, when it came time for the governor to confront drug problems within his family, his daughter didn't go to SAFE in Orlando for her treatment. Instead, Noelle Bush was sent to Orlando's "Center for Drug Free Living," where she was later caught with crack cocaine. What happened?

Did the court specifically order Ms. Bush to enter that facility, or did Governor Bush decide that despite his personal visit and previous endorsements, SAFE just wasn't safe enough for his own daughter? "

"1999- shown scanned e-mails from Joseph Klock and Katherine Harris, Joseph Klock and Mel Sembler, Joseph Klock and State Representative Tom Feeney regarding the progress of Clinton Curtis, Joseph Klock and Theresa Lepore and Joseph Klock and Governor Jeb Bush.

A. Katherine Harris-This folder he showed me one e-mail. There were at least dozen more that he wouldn't open. His reason was that I had to get this much information to Kerry as soon as possible. I needed to prove my loyalty to protecting him as well as Dr. Blass. The email consisted of maintaining communications for finances between Joseph Klock, her and Mel Sembler.

B. Mel Sembler-Two emails opened. Ten more that he wouldn't open. The first email stated that Mel Sembler would continue funding along with other individuals from New York, California, Texas, Ohio and overseas for the completion of the project to make George W. Bush the next president of the United States. The second email said that trainees (clients) from Straight and other affiliates would be transported to Bay Point or to Louisiana, Georgia or California after the General Election to continue the project in newer and bolder avenues for further elections in the upcoming millennium.

C. State Representative Tom Feeney- three emails opened-six more remained unopened. The first email stated that Katherine Harris and Theresa Lepore were in discussion of designing a ballot that would create havoc in Palm Beach County. It main purpose was to act as a diversion while the operation from Bay Point and the work from other programmers in California and Florida would take place from computer terminals inside several SOE offices in Florida. "


 link to download-v5.streamload.com






Included is an original audit log, coming directly once again, from the voting machines which I witnessed first-hand deleting votes with intent. In summary, the programs they worked on were in fact used for the voting machines with the intent to delete votes.




I charge Joseph Klock in addition, with conspiring to cover this up with the aid of Attorney General of purpose Charlie Crist. I charge that Charlie Crist willingly misled the public, and did not tell at any point the truth about these voting machines nor did he tell the truth about the molestation and abuse of younger men and women.

I charge Charlie Crist is misleading the court and the public, by refusing to admit his sexuality and by refusing to admit this sexual abuse is taking place for their own reasons.






I charge that to this day, they are continuing in the act of abuse of minors and are repeatedly refusing to disclose that abuse.

I charge that this was Mel Sembler, Joseph Klock, and other company personnel's objective to begin with. I charge that this adds up to a criminal precedent of racketeering activity, and I charge them formally with prejudice for refusing to come on the record about it.






I further charge that on November 3, 2004 and passing Sean S. Lennon first made me aware of this criminal activity and then claimed later to have never heard of it.

I ask here-fore, that with declaration of judgment Sean Lennon is required to appear in court to answer these charges being placed against both Joseph Klock, and the Drug Free America Program and sum in passing.


I charge Joseph Klock, director of Baypoint Schools and an employee of Drug Free America and its affiliates, with deliberately concealing this from the public and engaging in a full-fledged campaign of criminal activity to formally hide this.

 link to www.mediamax.com

I charge him further with refusing to openly go on the record, and state in no uncertain terms did he ever abuse or engage in duplicitous acts with minors.

I charge him further, with refusing to answer my charges as required under universal statute 18 U.S.C. of 1964 the RICO Racketeering clause.

That he has in fact covered this activity up with deliberate intent, and refuses to admit that I met with Sean Lennon in October of 2004. In where-so that Sean S. Lennon showed me all of the evidence, not just what I have acquired. And in where-so he instructed me to pass it on to John Kerry where John Kerry and his staff did absolutely nothing as a result.




6) And to this day, no actions have been taken by either the Senate, House, or Parliament to rectify this very large security concern. Neither have they corrected the problems with the database itself, or dealt with the identity-theft. Here-fore to, I ask the court place these charges formally into the court of record in the accordance that Joseph Klock and Drug Free America have concealed this involvement. To proceed as applicable, I also ask for the summary subpoena of Sean S. Lennon, Doctor Piotr Blass, and Charles Crist to come to trial and answer once and final the charges that are being levied against them.

And in so doing, request under RICO motion U.S.C. Code 18 of 1964 that this be opened up for review immediately and proceed to trial.

Further documents forthcoming,


The Undersigned

Lawyer Name: _________________________________________________________

Date: _________________________________________________________

Case Number: _________________________________________________________

homepage: homepage: http://www.NoMoreFraud.blogspot.com
address: address: Center City Philadelphia USA