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Official Bash Back! Communique

To our fabulous anarchist-comrades and fellow radicals alike
To our fabulous anarchist-comrades and fellow radicals alike

As you are well aware, Bash Back! Has been fucking shit up fierce- and looking damn sexy in the process. Queer and Trans insurrection is hot right now; we've been infecting this country with something a lot more meaningful and glittery than obama fever. New chapters are springing up all over the country. As expected, the reaction has begun hitting back. Harassment, intimidation, and other forms of persecution are intensifying on behalf of both agents of the state and citizen fuckheads. Known houses are frequented by marked and unmarked cars. We are receiving a constant stream of threats. Police have contacted three different individual's parents in Milwaukee as well as others in Lansing; unable to pin any charges on us, their questions instead focused on gathering information pertaining to our organizational structure, personal relationships, as well as other things. Since the situation is as such, we are making a call for solidarity. We hope your unending support will manifest itself thru attacks even more sparkly than ours. We wish to say to you and our
oppressors that any and all forms of repression only work to intensify our efforts. We will not stop until all capitalist, statist, and hetero-normative institutions are destroyed, and the ruins bedazzled.

Until sodomites are squatting the white house;

Yours from the wettest wildest dreams you've ever had,
Bash Back!

homepage: homepage: http://www.bashbacknews.wordpress.com