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Save In Other Words!!

A fantastic Portland resource, and the country's last remaining non-profit feminist bookstore may have to close its doors at the end of December. Let's not let that happen- find out how you can help!
The short of it: In Other Words bookstore and resource center needs to raise 11,000 bucks (quick) in order to stay open past the end of the month. Some mostly unforeseeable financial issues popped up, and if any of y'all know how these kinds of organizations work...it's that they pretty much constantly walk the line in terms of finances. See below for the spiel on why In Other Words is a worthy place to insert your personal time, space, and money. But first the un-fun stuff-

You can help in a couple of ways:

1. Money, of course! Occupying space and disseminating information costs money, and we need it badly. If you can give just a couple of dollars, that would be fantastic. You can do so 3 ways: inotherwords.org, click on "support in other words" on the left hand side, and make a secure credit or debit card donation. #2- mail a check or money order to IOW. Address on website. #3- Come in to the store for an event, or just for the hell of it, and donate, or buy some cool shit (if you're into buying shit) and tack on a couple of extra bucks for the cause.

2. Fund raising- if any of you have experience with fast and effective fund raising, please join our fund raising committee! You can even e-mail volunteer @ inotherwords . org (no spaces) and shoot us some great ideas you might have.

3. Spread the word. Please let other folks know about our situation, and how they can help.

Here is why this place rules:

In Other Words provides/will provide/has provided a meeting space for a wide variety of groups which greatly enrich the community (eating disorder support group, OLIN study group, feminist discussion group, Dicentra, Homorobics, low-cost spanish classes, women's writing groups, feminist film society, etc.). It sells a great variety of books and zines, many of which you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. There are also unbelievably awesome events happening every week (author readings, Dirty Queer open mic, performance art, music, rotating art exhibits, panels on politically charged happenings in the community... gentrification, etc.) Women and Men and all those in-between/outside of the binary meet here and form networks of folks who really give a shit, and are serious about changing things for the better- in a lot of different ways. The resource center can point folks to what they might need- whether it's a support group, an art class, a job opening, a room opening, a rideshare, the queer hotspots, and crisis hotlines/help (all of this will especially be true after our super-duper revamping of the center!). You can buy a non-sexist, non-racist, non-heterosexist book for your niece or the kid you babysit, the latest in lesbian erotica for your partner, a book on women's history your students, and literature on men's role in feminism. You can find TONS of zines, patches, and tshirts in addition to uterus-printed underwear, snarky magnets, hand-crafted accessories of all sorts, and a device to help you PEE STANDING UP!!! (if you don't come naturally equipped, that is). IOW is not just about "women" and "their issues," though obviously that's the focus. IOW is about the analysis and deconstruction of all forms of oppression- and you'll find many of our events explicitly address issues other than those associated with mainstream-second- wave-straight-white-middle-class-woman-born-woman feminist issues. IOW is a safe space for many who come from more hostile environments (I've had some incredible conversations with people simply overwhelmed that something like IOW is out there), and a breeding ground for critical thought. And have you ever been there? If you have, you know that it's an all-around pleasant place to pass some time. It's run by more than 40 volunteers and two paid staff- with more volunteers signing up every week. Not to mention the staff and volunteers are great, and believe in it a whole hell of a lot.

Things are hard for all of us right now. If you can, please contribute whatever you can to help us stay a part of the community.

homepage: homepage: http://www.inotherwords.org
phone: phone: 503-232-6003
address: address: 8 B NE Killingsworth St.