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Olympia Solidarity March Gets Rowdy

repost from:  http://seattle.indymedia.org/en/2008/12/270358.shtml
March in Olympia in solidarity with Greek revolt, Jose Ramirez-Jimenez and Chicago factory occupation.

50 people gathered in Slyvester Park in downtown Olympia. From there a march started which snaked throughout the city, with hundreds of pamphlets about what is happening in Greece being distributed to an increasingly sympathetic community. At the head of the march was a banner which read: SOLIDARITY WITH GREEK UNREST-RESISTANCE IS GLOBAL, flanked by drawings of two molotov cocktails. In the rear of the march was a sound system blasting electronic music.

Upwards of fifty people were there, dressed in black and holding black flags. Two bike cops ineptly followed the march, as did several cruisers from the overtaxed and despised Olympia Police Department.

While the march was moving, people informed passersby about the murder of Alex in Athens and the murder of Jose Ramirez-Jimenez by the Olympia Police Department.

After making several loops of the downtown area, the march suddenly ran backwards, overrunning the bike cops and cruisers and sprinting joyously down 4th Avenue. Someone threw a rock at the US Bank window but it did not hit the glass. A Bank of America had its windows smashed out during the sprinting after a bag of rocks appeared from nowhere. Afterward, people informed the spectators that this was done in solidarity with the Chicago factory occupation because of the banks involvement in closing the factory.

One person was arrested in a parking lot for "not sitting down fast enough." This person did not do anything and will more than likely be released tonight and later have their charges dropped. There are currently people at the jail waiting for him to be released.

Revolt is everywhere. Solidarity is not an abstract idea nor is it something easy. Solidarity means attack; constant, unrelenting attack. We must be brave and take risks. That is the only way anything will materialize. From Athens to Olympia, we are all fighting the same fight. Keep it up, those of you who are fighting.

Athens burns...and with it...so do our hearts.

Love forever

Don't stop.