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December 11, 2008

This document given to North American politicians, Energy stakeholders, Grassroots networks etc.


Burning Dinosaur
has no future

December 11, 2008

This document given to North American politicians, Energy stakeholders, Grassroots networks etc.



Toronto Hydro utility is North America's second largest municipal power Co., after Los Angeles Public Power and Water  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles_Department_of_Water_and_Power

A new NEO-CON push for privatization by Toronto councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong and supported by powerful local dailies and a national newspaper is on the agenda.

It is time to put the final nail into the tragic, destructive and complete failure of the ideology of North American NEO-CONISM.


(FORTUNE Magazine)


September 29, 1997

 link to money.cnn.com

It seems so incredibly obvious you want to slap your forehead for being so obtuse all these years. Electric power costs a bundle in places like New York and California but barely a third as much in out-of-the-way states like Idaho, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Why not take all that cheap power the West Virginians aren't using and ship it to Manhattan, Chicago, or San Francisco?

That, vastly oversimplified, is the idea behind the move to deregulate the electric power industry: If your power company is charging too much for electricity, why should you be forced to accept it? Why can't you shop around? Why can't a power company from Pocatello knock on your door and offer a bargain kilowatt or two? It's coming..
If it works, and it should, the consequences will be enormous. "Electric power is the biggest American industry ever to be deregulated," says Kenneth Lay, chief executive of Enron, a big, aggressive gas and electricity marketer that has led the drive for deregulation. "It's about twice the size of the long-distance telephone business and dwarfs the gas, airline, trucking, and railroad industries, which were all once regulated."
Lay notes that industrial and commercial companies consume about 60% of all power sold. "The billions they stand to save will boost corporate profits and make American companies more competitive internationally," he says. (The upheaval in this once-staid industry will hit investors too..

Note for more important info on Kenneth Lay and Enron see link and take notice of all his awards:

Kenneth Lee "Ken" Lay (April 15, 1942 - July 5, 2006) was an American businessman, best known for his role in the widely-reported corruption scandal that led to the downfall of Enron Corporation. Lay and Enron became synonymous with corporate abuse and accounting fraud when the scandal broke in 2001. Lay was the CEO and chairman of Enron from 1995 until his resignation on January 23, 2003, except for a few months in 2000 when he was chairman and Jeffrey Skilling was CEO...

On July 16, 2002, Lay was indicted by a grand jury on 11 counts of securities fraud and related charges.[1]


Toronto councillor advocates asset sale for $900M stimulus

Allison Hanes, National Post Published: Wednesday, December 10, 2008


A prominent city councillor will today propose an additional $900-million package to stimulate Toronto's weakening economy, leveraging some of the city's assets to repair neglected pools, arenas and roads, as well as build recreation facilities.

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, a fiscal conservative, said City Hall can find the money by selling or leasing parts of assets such as Toronto Parking and Toronto Hydro to the private sector...

Note: The National Post had this story at the bottom of the Front page and almost a full page A14

with color pictures even, including of Minnan-Wong. The story was listed as the first on it's Front

page digital copy at 9 p.m. EST. Also note as NEO-CON PrimeMinister Harper was in jeopardy of losing control

of Parliament-The National Post without even posturing to journalistic objectivity devoted almost

whole newspaper dailies in support of NEO-CON PrimeMinister Harper-of course this is to be expected of a newspaper that regularly runs major stories by a notorious convicted felon in the US

prison system Fraudester Lord Conrad Black a former owner of National Post-the apple doesn't fall

far from the tree.


TheStar.com | Opinion | An idea for more jobs


With a global financial crisis erasing Canadian jobs and shaking consumer confidence, bold initiatives are needed to stimulate a moribund economy. Unfortunately, a $1.6 billion capital budget going to Toronto City Council today is more conventional than creative...

To fix that, Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong is proposing about $900 million worth of new work ..

Minnan-Wong proposes to pay for the extra work by selling portions of profit-making, city-owed assets such as Toronto Hydro..

The motion deserves support. The idea is well worth exploring.

Note: The self-styled left-wing largest newspaper in the country ran the story as their third Editorial

in the print edition and as the First in the digital edition.

City approves $5.5M downtown homeless shelter

Updated: Sat May. 26 2007 2:07:59 PM

 link to toronto.ctv.ca

Council voted 21-9 on Friday in favour of the controversial renovation plan that will cost $5.5 million, the Toronto Star reported...

"This is an example of the city wasting taxpayers' money," Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong told the Star...

Councillor Adam Vaughan, who represents the area, supported the proposal.

"This is obviously a difficult decision for the community. It's not so difficult for myself. I understand the need to provide services to the homeless in this community, because I've lived in this community for three years, up until recently," Vaughan told the Star.

Squabbling scuttles council photo

John Spears


Plans to take a formal portrait of the new council were cancelled this morning after the councillors squabbled over who should sit where.

Left-wing councillors blamed several right wingers — including Mike Del Grande, Case Ootes and Denzil Minnan-Wong — for refusing to take the photographer's direction and sit where they were asked.

Councillor Kyle Rae described the incident as the "lowest depth of childishness."

"It was like watching a 3-year-old have a temper tantrum," he said...

Minnan-Wong said he was never told there was a pre-arranged seating plan.

"No one asked me to move," he added.

Reality Check : Denzil Minnan-Wong

By NOW staff


He grabbed headlines with pronouncements about the need for spending cuts during the recent debate on the city's budget woes. But where would consummate right-winger Denzil Minnan-Wong take the city were he in charge of its financial affairs? We break down his resumé...

Remember the MFP computer leasing scandal? Minnan-Wong voted against an inquiry...

Privatize it

Favours turning over everything from water and electricity services to garbage collection and management of our social housing stock to private contractors. Experience elsewhere has shown that turning city services over to profiteers only ends up costing taxpayers more in the long run. (See also the Eucan monster bin contract Minnan-Wong supported.)

Saving taxpayers millions

Now that's a good one. Voted against giving Bombardier the contract for the TTC's new subway cars (he was lobbied by main rival Siemens) even though it means thousands of manufacturing jobs for northern Ontarians.

A man of the people?

Sixty-five per cent of residents in Minnan-Wong's Don Valley West ward are tenants, but the bulk of his political donations are from corporate sources and some of the most notorious landlords in the biz.

Ontario to approve Great Lakes wind power

Several offshore projects are waiting in the wings

Jan 15, 2008 04:30 AM

Tyler Hamilton
Energy Reporter


A Ministry of Natural Resources official says the department is "getting ready" to make an announcement and that new minister Donna Cansfield is "anxious to demonstrate leadership in the area." ...

Offshore wind energy, while typically associated with ocean projects, offers significant opportunities in the Great Lakes. According to one study by Helimax Energy Inc., the strong and consistent winds typically over the lakes could generate up to 47,000 megawatts of clean electricity - nearly double Ontario's existing power capacity...

Toronto Hydro Corp. has considered an offshore wind project in Lake Ontario near the Scarborough Bluffs. That wind farm would have a capacity of up to 200 megawatts.

"In the general context of developing wind power in the province, (lifting the moratorium) would be a great step forward," said Joyce McLean, chair of the Canadian Wind Energy Association and Toronto Hydro's manager of green energy services..

The Ministry of Energy announced last August it had directed the Ontario Power Authority to procure another 2,000 megawatts of renewable power, a large portion of which is expected to be generated from wind.

Wind farm debate far from over

Councillor enters fray between locals, activists over energy proposal off Scarborough Bluffs

Nov 26, 2008 04:30 AM


Iain Marlow
Staff Reporter

... Carolyn Egan, president of the United Steelworkers Toronto Area Council, attended the meeting and told the Star yesterday many of her members live nearby.

She stressed that building green technology, such as wind turbines, could offset the immense job loss in North America's manufacturing sector.

"Obviously, the residents have a right to their perspective, certainly," Egan said. "But I think a lot of other people came out to the meeting because they're concerned about the future of the Toronto area, the future of the country - the environmental future, the economic future."

Toronto Hydro and Ainslie's office have discussed another meeting, but no date has been set.

The plan has the backing of other politicians, including Premier Dalton McGuinty, who, speaking to reporters yesterday, said the province needs to be more accepting when it comes to the future of power generation.

"We have wind and sun. We have to raise our level of acceptance for those kinds of structures, which are harnessing clean sources of renewable energy," he said.

McGuinty acknowledged that residents are concerned. "I understand that. But we have some tough choices to make. We need to open up our minds to these possibilities."
Canada blasted over wind power: Nation's clean energy potential untapped

 link to www.canada.com
Katie Mercer, The Province

Published: Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Canada is dragging its heels when it comes to recognizing its wind-power potential, according to the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

The Wind Vision 2025 report, released at CanWEA's conference and trade show in Vancouver yesterday, says Canada's reliance on cheap power from hydro and coal puts it behind the growth of other developed countries.

"With the right strategies, policies and mechanisms, wind power can be big business for Canada," said CanWEA president Robert Hornung...
The increase would boost the country's total wind-energy capacity to 55,000 megawatts and generate $79 billion in investment.

The development would create 52,000 jobs — many in cash-strapped rural communities — and account for $165 million in yearly revenue for municipalities, said Hornung.

Until then, Canada will continue to fall behind the development of European countries that have factored in the environmental impact in energy costs, he said...

CanWEA board chairwoman Joyce McLean said the time is right for wind power: "When will the light go on with politicians and Canadian citizens that wind energy is safe?"

She called on the federal and provincial governments and individual politicians to "champion the cause" to promote wind energy.


TheStar.com | Opinion | Liberals credible on energy policy

Liberals credible on energy policy


Ontario residents want a reliable supply of electricity that keeps the lights on and their homes and businesses running smoothly. But as concerns grow over smog and global warming, they also want their power to be clean, as well as reasonably priced.

In assessing the choices the Liberals, Conservatives and New Democratic Party have put forward, voters should reject both wishful thinking that would leave Ontario short of future energy needs, and short-sighted plans that would jeopardize long-term environmental goals...

On that basis, NDP Leader Howard Hampton's plan to close all coal-fired generating stations by 2014 yet build no new nuclear plants just is not plausible. He says he can make up power lost by closing the coal-fired plants with renewable energy, such as wind, solar and water, and "aggressive conservation."..

For Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty, energy policy is a thorny subject. In the 2003 election, he pledged to shut all coal-fired plants by this year, a pledge he eventually had to move back to 2014. But to his credit, he has cleaned up the mess left by the previous Conservative government, whose attempts to privatize parts of the electricity sector proved disastrous,..

In the long term, it calls for investments of up to $27 billion on new and refurbished nuclear stations to ensure Ontario has adequate generating capacity.

By supporting this approach, which represents the best mix for balancing cost, energy security and environmental concerns, the Liberals have adopted a more credible strategy for providing cleaner and reliable power for this province in the years ahead.
Note: On Oct, 9 2007 we wrote the following:


Toronto Star goes Nuclear:

a betrayal of the founding principles of the Toronto Star

2 days before Ontario election the venerable "social justice" Toronto Star endorses a pro-nuclear stance. How can this be in line with Atkinson's founding principles that guides Toronto Star? The Toronto Star pushes anti-poverty campaign series yet encourages tens of billions to be spent on privatized nuclear power. How many social programs to be cut or downscaled to pay for this - including on the backs of children?

EDITORIAL " Liberals credible on energy policy"  http://www.thestar.com/article/264182

Today the situation is fiscally, economic, and socially graver. Tens of Billions to pay for outdated and dangerous nuclear technology. Where is the money coming from-the Banks-the federal gov't-Wal-mart-maybe Santa Clause? And what will be left over for the new energy economy-environment? Where is the immense pressure coming from-it takes 10-15 years to build these white toxic elephants-


Toronto To Build More Nuclear Plants After Bilderberg Speech

ROBERT BENZIE / Toronto Star | June 12 2006



The provincial government will announce tomorrow that Ontario is embracing more nuclear power plants, sources told the Toronto Star.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has privately spoken of his government's plans to confidants for days, insiders say.

In an off-the-record speech on Saturday night in Ottawa to the secretive Bilderberg group, McGuinty discussed the pros and cons of more nuclear plants.

While he did not divulge the government's plans to that audience of 160 business and political leaders, the premier privately admitted the public will officially learn of the plans tomorrow when his government announces its long-awaited response to the Ontario Power Authority's report on the province's energy supply mix.

Last December, the OPA, an arm's length agency, recommended in its 1,100-page report that Ontario spend up to $40 billion over the next 20 years to produce 12,400 megawatts of electricity from new or refurbished nuclear plants.

The authority said nuclear power would have to be 50 per cent of the province's energy mix through 2025.

"The government will soon announce our response to the Ontario Power Authority report," an aide to the premier said last night. "The premier repeated on Saturday what he has always said publicly, that we cannot take new nuclear off the table as we prepare Ontario's long-term energy plan."
Today Kanata ... ..Tomorrow the world.
Photographs of Alex's Bilderberg weekend
Infowars.com Exclusive:
Full List of Bilderberg Attendees
Kanata hotel hosts high-level power group
Secretive, powerful Bilderberg group meets near Ottawa
VIPs' arrivals marked by a discreet 'B'
Alex Jones Detained on Orders of Bilderberg Group
Bilderberg-bound filmmaker held at airport
Bilderberg Group: James Wolfensohn

Despite claims from his office that his speech was no different from one he delivered in Niagara Falls a year ago, insiders told the Star he was unequivocal in private conversations about his support for the controversial electricity source.

Ontario is already home to many nuclear facilities. There are six nuclear units at Tiverton's Bruce plant, plus two more being refurbished; four at Darlington in Bowmanville; six at Pickering, plus two that have been mothballed, and one decommissioned Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. reactor at Deep River.

To meet the OPA recommendations, Ontario would need about a dozen more reactors, which would take years to build.

Ever since the OPA report was made public Dec. 9, opponents of nuclear power have been attacking McGuinty for leaning toward that option.

The Sierra Club has called the nuclear option "insanity" and Greenpeace called it a leap backward at a time when alternative sources should be sought.

McGuinty's staff deliberately omitted any mention of his speech Saturday to the Bilderberg session — held at the Brookstreet Hotel in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata — from his public itinerary.

The group, named for the Dutch hotel the organization first met at in 1954, holds its sessions behind closed doors amid tight security.

In the past, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former prime ministers Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien have addressed the organization.

Because participants in Bilderberg sessions are sworn to secrecy under threat of ex-communication from the group, politicians tend to lower their guard and speak candidly.

Insiders say McGuinty gave a "marvellous" Ontario-boosting speech interspersed with revelations about the province's need to move forward with more nuclear plants.

"He gave a stump speech on how great Ontario is and then (privately later) he said we're going to announce this week we're building new nukes," a source said.

Among those reportedly attending the Ottawa session were Ahmad Chalabi, former deputy prime minister of Iraq and a key proponent of the U.S.-led invasion of that country; Globe and Mail publisher Phillip Crawley; Coca-Cola chairman George A. David; Power Corp. CEO Paul Desmarais; Richard Holbrooke and Vernon Jordan, long-time top advisers to former U.S. president Bill Clinton; Henry Kissinger, former U.S. secretary of state; former New Brunswick premier Frank McKenna; Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands; New York Governor George Pataki; Iraq war architect Richard Perle; Heather Reisman, chair and CEO of Indigo Books and Music; Torstar president and CEO J. Robert S. Prichard and tycoon David Rockefeller, among many others.

It was the kind of power-broker audience the premier, who sat with Pataki, Reisman and Queen Beatrix, would want to reach when delivering a message about investing in Ontario — and massive investment will be required to pay for $40 billion in nuclear plants.

His address came one day after Energy Minister Dwight Duncan confirmed that the Liberal government was being forced to break its 2003 election promise to close all of Ontario's coal-fired generating plants by 2007. That promise was later amended to 2009.

On Friday, Duncan said that even the 2009 date could not be achieved.

As for the nuclear option, Jack Gibbons, executive director of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance, denounced the OPA's call for more nuclear power as "1950s-style solution to meet our electricity needs in the 21st century."

NDP Leader Howard Hampton, author of a book on Ontario's electricity history, has railed against nuclear power because of environmental concerns and cost overruns...

Corporate Newspapers need to back off and stand down if they are not prepared

to accept the New Energy Economy-Like the Newspapers of the American South during the American Civil War-they kept pushing the old Energy economy-the morally bankrupt Slave economy.

The Old Energy Ways of Big Oil, King Coal and Gas, and Nuclear are morally and Economically Bankrupt today in light of Global Warming and World Economy.

Note: Revolving Door Links between top brass (former and present) at Toronto Star, and Toronto's Biotechnology hub MaRS(medical and related sciences) and the University of Toronto,Canada's richest University.

Paradigm Shift Environmental Alliance(a homeless network of transborder activists, students, academics, Aboriginal etc.)

Abolition King Coal, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power and Weapons

The Great Struggle Continues... .

homepage: homepage: http://floodiceorfire.wordpress.com/

? 11.Dec.2008 17:20


I understand this, but what can someone like me do?

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Bank) : Corporate Bully 12.Dec.2008 07:54

Paul Fraser coldwaterfish@ns.sympatico.ca

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