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Athens 11-12-08 right now .. "game" is not over

low scale riots continue 5th day in Athens ..
tommorow also demonstration of high school students
scenes of today demos .. attacking with rocks police stations..
15 years old arrested from undercover police ..!!!
15 years old arrested from undercover police ..!!!
low scale riots continue 5th day in Athens ..
tommorow also demonstration of high school students
scenes of today demos .. attacking with rocks police stations..

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Thursday reports from Greece 11.Dec.2008 18:05


The students are showing the way! Early this morning, the highschool students across Athens instead of going to class decided to fill the streets again. The students besieged 25 police stations and attacked some of them, shut down major roads, classed with the police. The cops once again didn't hesitate on using their sticks on 15 year old kids. Some students were arrested but most of them were later released as their classmates were determined not to let them in the hands of the cops! Everyday, whenever the cops are making arrests, tenths of people, protesters and passerby attack the cops (at least verbally, some times physically as well) in order to release the arrestee. 120 schools are occupied by their students and tomorrow more meetings in highschools are taking place. Large number university schools occupied too. Protesters also occupied administrative buildings.
This video, shot a few days ago, shows a highschool kid throwing a riot cop on the ground and saving another student while the cop is running after him and trying to hit him in the head with his stick. Scenes like this happen everyday:  http://www.tvxs.gr/v1141

In the afternoon there were demonstrations taking place in the biggest cities and they were peaceful on the most part. In Athens there were 2-3000 people and there were some small scale clashes with the police but not much. The people is still angry thought and that is made clear by the slogans shouted against the police. In Thessaloniki another 2500 people took the streets in a peaceful demonstration although the cops were very provocative. In Patras, the people gave a strong answer to the cops and the neo-nazi scum that were terrorizing the people on Tuesday. 5-6000 people took the streets today, a big number for the size of the city. Today, it was in the city of Komotini where the undercover cops together with right-wing thugs terrorized the demonstrators. After a peaceful demonstration of students from the cities of Komotini and Xanthi, the riot cops left the thugs, which were armed with bars and knives, and the cops in plain clothes to get to the building were the students were having a meeting and terrorize the people inside by breaking the windows, slamming the doors and threaten to lynch them.
What happened in Patras on Tuesday:  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/12/415100.html
The people of Patras react (Thursday):  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/12/415100.html?c=on#c209425
Rerorts:  link to www.occupiedlondon.org

More and more reports, photos and videos of provocative acts and arrests by cops in plain clothes and their collaboration with the rightwing/neo-nazi thugs are found every day:

About the arrestees:
The greek justice system equalizes the killers and the protesters! The judges decided that 5 of the arrested protesters in Athens 4 in Larissa should be kept in jail until trial, which usually takes 18months! 7 protesters in Kozani will stand upon a judge tomorrow and there are hundreds more across the country that it still unknown. Most of the minors were released so far but heavy charges are held against them as well. And let's not forget the 62 in Copenhagen and those in Madrid, Barcelona and London who were arrested for solidarity acts ! Freedom to them all!

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