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The Film that will put BUSH BEHIND BARS!!!

New feature film starring Nichelle Nichols, Sophia Choi and Andrew Walker.

A military interrogator returns from Iraq with acute post-traumatic stress disorder.
More info:  http://thetorturer.com
View clip:  http://www.thetorturermovie.com/page/TRAILER.html
Screenings: London Independant Film Festival, St. Louis International Film festival

"Shocking, compelling... intense..." Thom Hartmann, Air America Radio

"My best character since 'Uhura'" Nichelle Nichols

I got sucked right in... from beginning to end. Its like a Stephen King/John Grisham short story. SCARY!!! Im a little spooked now... Christina Park, WNYW/ Fox 5, New York, CNN

"It's the perfect festival film" Chad Coles, Asst. Producer, "SAW" 1,2&3

"A riveting film... great performances..." James Seale - Director of "Throttle" and "Juncture"

"I cant get it out of my mind. It really stays with you. It was incredible. I saw a number of films, it was by far the best (at the AFM 2008)." Charlie Fagin - American Film Market, Projectionist

"I wish you the best of luck and say that I appreciate what you are doing." Anthony Lagouranis, author of the biography "Fear Up Harsh: An Army Interrogators Dark Journey Through Iraq"

- "About time." An Army Wife

homepage: homepage: http://thetorturer.com

what is 11.Dec.2008 11:52


The name of the film, please.

Probably 11.Dec.2008 17:50

the movie

is called "The Torturer".

Never 12.Dec.2008 03:54


it is sad, but Bush will never go to prison.

. . ."won't go to prison" . . . 12.Dec.2008 13:00


Certainly not in the status quo that spawned and nurtures him and what he stands for, with the only expectation of more to come!

What shall be done? Keep voting from the choices that such a status quo packages and repackages for the feed lot to "choose" from?

True, we're in the vortex, in it up to our eyeballs -- we swim in it, eat and breath it and regurgitate it to only take it back in again: bush is us -- regardless of who anyone voted for or not.

Fuck the system/matrix 13.Dec.2008 10:13


Revolution NOW!

my best role since red shirt number two 15.Dec.2008 07:52

my line was "aaarggh!!"

I wonder how Nichelle Nichols got this job.

Based on the trailer, it looks like she's playing an investigator or maybe a therapist or a reporter.

Her role on Star Trek was basically as Bill Shatner's receptionist.

If she hasn't gotten a better gig in 40 years, that's kind of sad.

But of course there must be hundreds of talented actors in L.A. for every paying role.