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Likely Interior chief is Safari Club International "Legislator of the Year"

Our next Secretary of the Interior might be Mike Thompson, who has voted for cougar hunting, voted for Bush's "Healthy Forests Initiative", voted to allow import of polar bear "trophies", voted against limiting "predator control" (i.e., 100,000+ dead coyotes annually). Please go to change.gov and say NO WAY to Mike Thompson!
Please go to change.gov and tell them NO WAY TO MIKE THOMPSON for Interior Secretary. This guy is Safari Club International's "Legislator of the Year". Safari Club International, of course, is a group whose members go off and hunt rhinos and lions and elephants. Why is he legislator of the year? Well, from the Humane Society:

[Mike Thompson] sided with the National Rifle Association and other extreme hunting groups when it came to the trophy hunting of threatened polar bears and the use of pizza and jelly doughnuts as bait to lure bears to hunters on federal lands.


When he was a state senator in California, and chairman of the Natural Resources and Wildlife Committee, he helped to defeat legislation to halt the high-tech hound hunting of black bears?an inhumane and unsporting practice. He later voted in favor of a bill to resume the trophy hunting of mountain lions, which California voters have twice defeated.

Mike Thompson is BAD news and has voted WITH Bush and FOR his "Healthy Forests Initiative".

Please go to change.gov and make your voices heard (click on the "Contact Us" link). Tell them NO to Mike Thompson, and YES to Raul Grijalva!