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9.11 investigation

District Attorneys office Transphobia

District Attorney office covers up a hate crime!
The District Attorneys office with the help of my own attorney, Robin Runstein, allowed Glenda Meyers,leader of the hate mob called Not a Good Queer or Anything Else, to commit perjury. On November 12, 09, Meyers makes a false 911 and states that she is being trapped in a corner of the building. Metro Watch guard is present and a Reach CDC employee is present but they do not tell the police about Meyers false accusation. The District Attorneys office prosecuter went to the Rose apartments himself and witnessed an exit door that Meyers could have taken. She was clearly not trapped. The District Attorney ignored this evidence along with the police officers who received her false 911 call. The District Attorneys office also ignored a 6 month investigation by the State of Oregon stating that their was a hate mob making death threats and false accusations against a trans gendered person. The District Attorney challenged a civil rights case by it's own state government. Why? Because Reach CDC has money and power, as the District Attorney worked with Reach CDC lawyers during the whole criminal trial. Why press chargers against someone who had two stalking orders on this hate mob and allow a lie to happen? Transphobia. I believe many testimonies that the DA investigated was reports that Iacuzzi wanted to indentify his/her gender. He took these statements as a crime of a trans person being in an all womens building. The biggest irony of the case is Judge Zushman who provided the original stalking order. Meyers tells the judge that I am accusing her of taking lessons of hate from others in the building, that I am accusing her of being a drug dealor, and that the Civil Rights Division is involved and that Iacuzzi is transgendered and wants to be a man or something. Of course this temporary stalking order was backed up by fired manager jamie Barton who wrote a letter to help Meyers get a stalking order. Of course, Barton deliberately left out of the letter that their was a fire alarm that I went down stairs on to check, ended up being an opportunity to write a stalking order.

The District Attorney ignored a 350 page civil rights report to convict an activist. He knew that she had been caught by her clinic with drug use and he certainly ignored the facts that she was a hater and a drug dealer. Where is the justice?

Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi