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Greek Riots - Continual Updates

I found this site by the Guardian of all sources, that has a running update on the situation in Greece.

Poster found on Trainstorming
Poster found on Trainstorming
Other sources are:

Athens Indymedia

Teacher Dude's Channel
A citizen journalist using the moniker Teacher Dude's has uploaded numerous photos and posts, including of his own wounds after being beaten by the police for taken photos of a demonstration.


ThirdEye3 on Flickr has photos of protesters holding posters with a photoshopped image of a gun to protest the police shooting, and a photo set tagged #griots.

Sameer Padania from WITNESS' human rights video website The HUB happens to be in Athens for a media conference and has uploaded more than a dozen brief videos of what he saw on the streets.

There are many more photos on the Flickr pages of tom.tziros, has a blog at Trainstorming.

Many more videos on YouTube by searching for #griots

Another Site 10.Dec.2008 11:46

Kim Sky

From-the-frontline reports from across Greece via Occupied London


on the general strike: 10.Dec.2008 12:56