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VIDEO: Impeachment Vigil December 4 2008

filmed outside of House District 3 congressman Blumenauer's office
Individuales for Justice continue the Impeacment message, as the countdown of day's left for Bush to be in office inches forward
12.4.08 Vigil Continues at Blumenauer's office
12.4.08 Vigil Continues at Blumenauer's office
Filmed outside the office of Earl Blumenauer who is my congressman from House District 3 in Portland Oregon. The impeachment vigil protest has been happening weekly on Thursday's from noon to two for well over a year.

This 14 minute Google video was filmed on 12.4.08

The last vigil protest outside of Earls office will end on the day bush leaves office, Jan 20 2008. This vigil to encourage impeachment hearings was held weekly to let our congressman know we wanted an honest law abiding leadership. We wanted Earl to stand up to the corruption by Bush and Cheney regime and to have investigations to see if any laws or crimes have been committed.

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A bit redundant .... 10.Dec.2008 17:14


...wouldn't you say? Over a year and NOTHING! I bet Earl is shaking in his shoes.

your not serious 10.Dec.2008 18:43

Joe Anybody

are you kidding

"he could care less"

its not important whether he is shaking in his shoes (or not)

its the difference of right or wrong and making it a point by reminding him and everyone that see the protest vigil week after week

just google the 2 words "Blumenauer Impeachment" the fact that the protest continues in spite of shoe shaking is irrelevant

The two word fit like a new shoe

"making it a point " 10.Dec.2008 19:53


Come-on dude...this is Portland. Seeing a couple people protesting outside an office complex is the norm. The "point" was made a couple weeks into the protest...now it's just harassment. I bet the cops don't even show up any more (unless they need some breaktime).