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Perhaps Big Business Is The Answer

When will we create an alternative to the current system of global domination and hegemony? Can we create an alternative economic, social and political system? The ideas I advocate for your consideration and input, look at how we may be able to supplement to our current activities.
For too long have we complained about what others have done or not done and how they failed to live up to what we think they should do. For too long have we blamed others for not creating the world we want. For too long have we blamed government, big business, NGOs, religious leaders and anyone else we've given responsibility to for bringing humanity to near destruction. For too long have we protested against what others are doing while protesting is one of the few things we're left with.

If you believe, as I do, that humans must remain free to create the world they think will benefit humanity, you should not be surprised when their ideas and actions do not fit with yours. I write this not because I want to see an end to protest, demonstrations, marches, and riots, I couldn't imagine how dark the world would be without these activities, but because right now there is only one game in town and that game has no competition. Because of the rapid pace of globalization, corporate giants are getting more powerful by the second; and with no competition - except from only that which wants to destroy, stop or hinder but does not build nor create -, it won't be long before opposition is pointless.

Those who want justice, equality, and ethics in the market place have been either forced to attach their wagon to the status quo or live lives of fantasy, obstructionism, or disaster relief. I know many of you buy locally produced goods and support fair trade products. I know you spend time organizing and educating, and I in no way want to belittle your efforts, I admire you greatly. However, protesting and education alone in a system that depends upon the transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top, where you are what you own is very, very slow at best. We can and should offer an alternative to people's buying habits.

I ask you in the name of all that's good, let's come together and compete against this lonely heartless capitalist business culture with a new ideology, a new ethic, new economics, and new humanity. I think you will agree that business has called the shots for global policy and created employment. Therefore, it can either enslave or free billions around the world - if used properly. You have probably heard about cause related marketing, I advocate cause related business, where sustainable social business is the cause.

The idea would be for us to come together to create a multinational workers cooperative conglomerate, which includes struggling farmers and small business people, where all profits go to bettering the human condition: educating millions of children living in poverty and homelessness, putting an end to human trafficking and slavery. And saving our environment.

Let's do all of this the right way if it's possible. I am not certain it is possible. I don't know if we are evolved enough not to doubt ourselves, or attack each other instead of building. I don't know if things are bad enough for us to act. I will not lead this venture - indeed, I will work with others - as I don't have the skills, education or experience to even know where to start. I am talking to you about starting a multinational corporation where every cent of profit goes to bettering humanity's collective condition. I am talking about investing, local manufacturing, branding and sales.

I don't advocate this because I like big business but only because without a powerful pooling of labor and resources, the only corporations in positions of global dominance will be those of exploitation and greed. If we sit back and allow these multinationals to have a monopoly on countries, economies and thus people's lives with no competition for ideas, values or morals; we along with billions of other impoverished people around the world will suffer from our lack of action. If we don't act and implement our own agenda, all we have to look forward to are unchecked pollution, 16 hr. working days, child labor, reduced wages, mass poverty, and corruption on a global scale. The damage done by those soulless corporate entities in power today will be immense, and with no alternative for anyone to turn to, they will be the true masters of our collective destinies.

I know we don't have the money nor the ability individually to change much of anything but if we pool our resources, experience, know-how, and finance to create something much larger than we can achieve individually we might, and I repeat might, have a chance at leaving the next generation with some options in having a meaningful life. We can create products and services that people will buy because they are good products not just because the profit is used to help heal the world. We can advertise through word of mouth, we are activists for goodness sake. Let's tell anyone who will listen about the good they can do by buying ordinary products they use every day which won't cost them a cent more than they are already spending. We can create jobs for people that have meaning. We can create small businesses under our corporate global power structure. We can employ millions in poverty around the world and give them decent wages, encourage them to spend time with their families and foster innovativeness.

Obviously the question arises how would we get the millions if not billions of dollars to create a corporation of the magnitude that would have such an impact. Again, I don't have many answers, but, I envision beginning by opening small businesses as well as partnering with existing businesses that would agree to go under our corporate logo. Also in the US alone there are over one million five hundred thousand, tax exempt humanitarian organizations. If each employee of these organizations just gave a dollar we would be well on our way. We could have benefits, fundraisers, and membership fees, and who knows perhaps some wealthy donors. The solution to this question about raising capital, along with many other challenging questions belongs to us now. My fervent hope is that we will come up with good answers.

I am inviting everyone to not only join but to lead this movement. I just ask that we collaborate, under one umbrella, one brand, and that we truly unite all our efforts. If you are working on environmental, social justice, anti war, anti-globalization, poverty, children, health, anti capitalist or any other issues that affect humanity, let us come together. And please tell your friends and comrades.

Steps we should take now:
1) Find a medium for collaboration over the internet in which everyone interested can take part. Discuss ways in which we can work together to fund local ventures around the world. Decide on organizational structure, discuss management structure, legal issues, and discuss opportunities and threats.

2) Investigate alternative energy companies, pool our resources into one fund and invest in alternative energy companies that have found innovative ways to provide for our energy needs. As you may know many are predicting a boom in alternative energy stocks for more information on the coming green energy bubble go to:  http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/recolumnists/story?id=51203

3) Think about products and services which most people use and are easy to compete with such as toilet tissue, bottled water, clothing, music production, cafés, organic produce, supermarkets, and anything else we can come up with.

If you have made it this far through the reading, then I have two video links I would like to share with you: the first is a short clip about child homelessness where people are told the only thing they can do is ask eight people to fix it; and the second is longer involving malaria, agriculture and hope. I hope after watching them we are on the same page.

Please, if you believe this can work tell your friends, colleagues and family. Let's do it. If you're at all interested, send me your email so I can put you on a contact list. When the forum is ready I will contact you and let you know the address. Feel free to send this to any NGO or activist group you feel may be interested, and to post this or your own ideas about this subject where ever people may have an interest. Also, if you have website building skills or capability, please contact me so we can get that done. Or if you have such a website, let me know the address so I can inform those who have contacted me.

Additional reading:

You can contact me at:  seriousblack55@yahoo.com

Another greenwashing capitalist? 10.Dec.2008 16:54


Capitalism finds a way to mutate even the best intentions into something very different than what was first designed.