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From Greece - what is happening

This was sent through from a friend in Greece. Its a reminder that this is not some romantic revolution
my commentary is: rage, outrage, disgrace. what is happening all over the country is beyond description , it is more than just sad . lootings everywhere, the latest news is that "residents and shopowners" (who are in fact nazi scum carried in busses to patras) beat up people who loot broken stores, things are really out of hand. everyone in power is trying to turn the situation to their favour, the parties, the media, the universities leadership ... it's more than disgusting, and the government just promising that justice will be done - and some figures that probably you won't hear on uk media: 100 killings by police since 1980 - punishment: practically zero (one was fined 60 euros for killing a gypsy boy, that is less than what you pay for illegal parking)

it's been like this regardless of parties, rightwing or 'socialists', but the thing is that in 1990 the then rightwing prime minister said to the cops: you are the state... this gave them all the pretext they needed and the past 4 years under new democracy things are going sooooooo bad that this was really the culmination of despair and anger... to my mind it's the youth crying out 'enough' and 'what next?'

the immigrants - who have a rather discrete presence in the riots, nothing like what had happened in france, - who have suffered in the hands of the police beyond imagination, and of course the average citizen who has nothing more to lose... in a gypsy disctrict in athens the police are held under siege in the police station by residents with shotguns. things have been so rough for everyone

the middle class is vanishing, the world financial crisis is felt and will be felt for a long time . and the bloody government is so terribly arrogant, slow, blind, and incapable of even pretending to know what to do. they're the worst ignorants this country has seen since i remember , loads of scandals, no charges, no punishment, and they dare promise state aid to the poor for heating in winter - 100 euros in 2 instalments!!!!! how generous - and they hope that this will buy them votes... but that was before. i just hope that this killing will make people realize that they can trust no politician, no party, no promises. i'm really curious, how will this end? if it all goes back to normal and the government comes out unscathed it will be a real disgrace for this country. this is a real chance for greeks to wake up but i'm afraid the destructions and lootings will make people long for order and safety they think only the police can offer, so it's a double edged knife. i'm really worried as to the repercussions.

It is Important to Concentrate on the Culprits Behind the Scenes 11.Dec.2008 19:43


What you have described is typical of what is happening under the globalist agenda. A few treacherous greedy slobs at the top turn their countries into dictatorships in exchange for power in the New World Order. They hire police with the personality profiles of mass murderers and look the other way. Because they are essentially cowards (the cops and the politicos), they are terribly afraid of the people waking up.

Rather than raiding shops etc.,it makes more sense just to shut the banks and other institutions down, so that the police cannot be paid. Without the police, it will be difficult to sustain dictatorships. Then, people need to begin using barter and other means to obtain what they need so that they won't have to rely upon the banks anymore. If you can get together to attack the police, you should be able to get together to create coops for housing, food etc. Repossess illegally-owned cars and other things taken by corrupt police and government officials, auction them off to pay the bills of the people. Demand to know where are the government money has gone. Demand that the central banks be closed. Issue your own currency--it's just as good as the government's at this point. Just don't give up.