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Bergin Arraignment

As of 9:40 a.m. today (December 10)
Arraignment is still scheduled for 1:30 p.m. tomorrow. If you try to call the court and get placed on terminal hold, try this number: 503.655.8643 then, press 1, that will get you on a shorter line, to the criminal court department.

Courtroom? 10.Dec.2008 13:02


Would anyone know which courtroom?

Just to remind everyone 10.Dec.2008 15:22

why this matters

William Jacob Bergin is one of two police officers who shot and killed unarmed accident victim Fouad Kaady. The other officer was deputy Dave Willard. Both men tortured Kaady before shooting him to death. Both men then lied about the incident, twisting the story to cover their own asses, even though there was no possible way to explain how they could legally have tasered and then fired upon a man who was bloody, in shock, and obviously unarmed at the time of the killing. I guess Willard is crapping now that he realizes who he was helping to cover for, but either way, both men shot Kaady, and both men have blood on their hands that will never wash out.

Although Bergin *SHOULD* be going to jail for murder, like OJ Simpson and Al Capone, it seems that it's the little things that get him in the end. He's being arraigned for felony theft, first degree official misconduct, and misuse of a license (he illegally confiscated other peoples' drivers licenses under color of his badge, and then gave those licenses to underage girls to get them into bars).

Aside from being a murderer, a torturer, a statutory rapist (he apparently has a "thing for young girls," according to investigator's reports), he is also a perpetrator of domestic violence, a convicted drunk driver (wait, not convicted, as he went to diversion instead), and he is well known in the Sandy area for bending the law to suit his own ends. Not only that, but he carries so many weapons on his person I think he probably has a gun stuffed up his ass. On the day that he shot Fouad Kaady to death, he was carring knives and guns strapped all over his body, in every pocket, and even in his boot. Makes you wonder what he's compensating for....

NOTE TO COURTHOUSE SECURITY: Check every orifice. Seriously.

Oh. And to Kyle Iboshi and the rest of the corporate media that condemned the innocent victim of this guy's attack? Why aren't you asking, uh, just a FEW MORE QUESTIONS now? At the time of the murder of Fouad Kaady, the corporate media took the official word about the killing hook, line, and sinker. Instead of asking how two officers could possibly justify shooting an injured, unarmed man to death, they dwelt obsessively on accusations that Kaady must have deserved the killing, must have been high at the time, and must have had it coming. (He did not. He was not on drugs, the toxicology report was clean, and he most certainly did NOT "have it coming.") Even after the release of the toxicology report, the ever smarmy-mouthed Kyle Iboshi stood outside a courthouse in Clackamas County, mugging into the camera, and stated, "Only one question remains tonight. Was Fouad Kaady on drugs." It was a statement that will live in infamy.

If Kyle Iboshi shows his pudgy, spongy, empty, little pin-head at the courthouse tomorrow, he should be reminded what he said. In spades.

One question indeed.

Links to history, mugshots, more 10.Dec.2008 15:38


For more information about Bergin's previous criminal history, as well as his mug shot, and importantly, photographs of Bergin on the night that he killed Fouad Kaady (scroll down for a photo of the gun the little shit kept in his boot), see:


for still more info, see:




Portland Indymedia has consistently been the ONLY source of news on this subject. The corporate media only searched for possible reasons why Kaady deserved to be killed, but never did ANY investigation into the officers who murdered him. Even when the truth was handed to them on a golden platter, they refused to print it. Any question I might have had whether the corporate media *really* serves as the propaganda arm for the police state was more than answered by their behavior during this ordeal. SHAME on the corporate media.

Mauers court room 10.Dec.2008 17:57


Mauers Court Room is where I believe it will be.