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Olympia, WA: Solidarity March For The Revolt in Greece

Hey, friends in Portland come to Olympia!

5:00 pm Thursday December, 11 Sylvester Park, Downtown Olympia, Washington.
Greece's largest rioting in years erupted late Saturday night after an Athens policeman shot and killed a teenage boy in a central autonomous neighborhood in Athens.

Here in Olympia the police have recently killed Jose Ramirez-Jimenez and the cops involved in his death are now on paid leave. This is unacceptable and those responsible need to be held accountable.

Generalized unrest has almost filled the entire country of Greece and it seems as if social revolution is imminent. It is important now that we show world wide solidarity and support for the struggle that is happening in Greece.

This is a call out for all Northwest Anarchists, Anti-Authoritarians, Anti-Capitalists, Militant Queers, Anti-Fascists and radicals to turn out for a large march to show the Greek resistance that they are not alone.

Please bring banners, black flags, literature, signs, warm clothing and whatever else you think you might need. Don't forget to bring your anger.

Keep fighting Greece, you are an inspiration to us all!