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Yet Another Corrupt Republican Politician

Governor Rod Blagojevich reminds us why we should never trust a Republican
This guy is the Governor of Illinois and offered to basically sell the vacant U.S. Senate seat to one his Republican friends. He was caught with a wiretap and also tried to control the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune. I wonder if his stance is as wide as Larry Craig's.

WRONG! 09.Dec.2008 15:58


He is a democrat. Stop being blind, democrats, republican who cares? Politicians are all corrupt, all worthless power-hungry leeches.

Please Do Research 10.Dec.2008 11:55

Damos nekrotical@yahoo.com

Yeah, Governor Rod Blagojevich is a DEMOCRAT. Please do 2 minutes of research before you post something on IndyMedia next time. Don't be so reactionary.

once again 11.Dec.2008 18:45

look it up

That's totally not what the word "reactionary" means.