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Greece, Tomorrow: Riots Meet General Strike

Quote from the guardian:

"The Greek Communist party announces a mass rally in central Athens for tonight and the socialist Pasok opposition calls for peaceful mass demonstrations. University professors start a three-day walkout and many school students stay away from class in protest.

Cars and pedestrians return to the streets of Athens as Greeks go back to work, but with a 24-hour general strike scheduled for Wednesday against pension reforms and the government's economic policies, many Greeks fear the demonstrations could last for days."
from:  link to openanthropology.wordpress.com

Seems Greece tomorrow will look like this: 09.Dec.2008 12:10

mr zed


Shameful 09.Dec.2008 12:38


It is shameful that citizens in other countries fight so hard and DO NOT let their governments and pigs get away with crimes and MURDER and here in the US we are cowards compared. The US has lost much in the last 30 years. WE NEED TO FIGHT AGAIN.

"Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again"
-The Who-

It looks like we got fooled again!