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Events in Athens

A Greek radio reports : (1431 AM free radio of Thessaloniki , Greece) About the greek riots .. from a free radio Thessaloniki in Greece the condition in general, is out of control. since the early hours the police attacks the protesters who expressed no intention to fight back. all over the country, the police attacked teenagers, students and ordinary people who manifested against the police violence in peace and arrested 8 persons in athens, 1 in thessaloniki and an unconfirmed number in other cities and the numbers grow rapidly. the provoking behavior of the police with the silent agreement of the government lead to impudent use of violence from their part resulting in extended episodes all over greece

a lot of police departments have been destroyed along with a great number of banks and commercial shops. the police uninterruptedly pursue the protesters. unconfirmed information speak about the proclamation of a state of emergence in the country by the government. there is a strong possibility of annuling the asylum tonight or tomorrow morning in all universities. the prime minister asked for harsher protection measures and no tollerance toward the riots from the police. the whole country is burning. the state rules with impunity. the wholesome anger of the people about the state, the education, the economic problems and the church scandals are exhibited through the riots. the funeral of the young alexandros takes place tommorow at 3 o' clock. protests will also take place tommorow and we assume all the following days. a lot of universities are occupied.

The Greek embassy in London occupied: the Greek embasy in London occupied by protestors. seems that meanwhile police managed to get in Read More

The Greek Embassy in Berlin occupied : The Greek Embassy in Berlin occupied since 9 hours! Read More

A statement in support of Greece : To all dreamers, revolutionaries, Anarchists, Riots are lighting up Greece like a structure fire. A sixteen year old boy was murdered by the heavy handed activities of the bulldogs of capitalism: the police. Greece is responding in kind, with riots and protesters filling the streets with the fires of rage. Dreams and desires of freedom and a world without these assassins are flooding from a population who has had to deal with an oppression that sneaks its way into every facet of life. Read More

greece: !BREAKING NEWS! The riot-cops attacked the funeral of Alexis !!! Right now there are fights both in Athens and Thessaloniki. In thessaloniki thousands of protestors attacked the ministry of north greece and thrace. The city centre is closed to all traffic and the streets taken over since 11am. Small fights between people and riot-cops... big groups of 30 civil police each are walking through the centre as well. In athens there are fights in a few spots of Athens and especially in the parliament and around the polytechnic school. THE UNBELIEVABLE IS THAT THE RIOT COPS APPEARED AT THE FUNERAL OF ALEXIS! Read More

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