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Yay for public bathrooms!

Thanks to Randy Leonard for helping to push forth with at least ONE public bathroom.
A solar potty has been installed downtown. Cool. In a city where the cops routinely cite people for "sex crimes" for having to piss in public, it's just sick that there are so few public restrooms. (James Chasse was actually beaten to death by police because they said that they suspected that he had urinated in public. Turns out he hadn't, but there's one more casualty of no bathrooms. Also, peoples' lives have been ruined by cops who tag them with a sex crime just for having to piss. Damn, what thoughtless, bullying demons those Portland cops are.)

Anyway, now let's go to the next step: There is a city ordnance that requires that any new building in Portland be open to the public on the ground floor. I say there needs to be an ordinance that states that every building that is open to the public must have bathrooms that are open to the public. Yes. Why the hell not? This isn't a homeless issue, by the way, though it would be important enough just on those grounds if you ask me. This is for all of us, though. I can't tell you how many times I've been downtown walking, and unable to find a bathroom for miles and miles. Why should we allow downtown businesses to externalize the costs of dealing with their customers' bladders and bowels? I say every building open to the public must have a bathroom that is open to the public.

So-- 08.Dec.2008 21:07


Where is this new solar potty? Address, please!

The location 09.Dec.2008 02:26


The location is on NE 6th, by the Greyhound Station.

The location 09.Dec.2008 02:27


Is on NW 6th by the Greyhound station.

it's about time 09.Dec.2008 07:09

old peester

Thank goodness for humanity! I am an "oldster" who loves to be in downtown, but is always afraid that I won't be able to find a potty when I need one. What is the big problem with that? We all have to pee and poo and have little choice in the matter when the body decides it is time. Thank goodness Randy Leonard understood that. Yes, I do shop downtown and could beg bathroom privileges from shop owners, but anyone should have access to those facilities. Relieved in the purlieus.

What about the queers? 09.Dec.2008 11:55


The article says ONE bathroom... am I to take this that the city has gotten it's act together and put in a gender-neutral bathroom?? Or does "one bathroom" actually mean one men's room and one ladies room and no where for non-gender-conforming folks (or a parent with a differently-gendered child) to go?

CAN'T WAIT! 09.Dec.2008 12:31

been holding on for a while now

Did not Potter promise he was going to "deliver" and not. So maybe if we get a bunch of public potties we should name them in his honor like

No Potter Potties

Tom Potties

Public Tom (as opposed to John... is a girl's toilet called a Jane? and isn't a John a client of a prostitute too?)

Or should we honor Sam Adams with

The Adamizers

Leonards 09.Dec.2008 13:14

been holding on for a while now

Sorry not Adamizers... Leonards or Leonardizers