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imperialism & war

A statement in support of Greece

a fire in our hearts
To all dreamers, revolutionaries, Anarchists,
Riots are lighting up Greece like a structure fire. A sixteen year old boy was murdered by the heavy handed activities of the bulldogs of capitalism: the police. Greece is responding in kind, with riots and protesters filling the streets with the fires of rage. Dreams and desires of freedom and a world without these assassins are flooding from a population who has had to deal with an oppression that sneaks its way into every facet of life.
The fires scream, "Alexandros, come back to us!" with a hoarse voice. But Alexandros is still here, he is in the Molotov's and bricks that are pitched at the police. He lives through the militants fighting block by block, forever pushing towards another block, and another world. Every shattered window and burned out building is a scream of freedom, a vision of a world being built from the smoldering ruins of the old.
This is a war, a war of the people against the state, and in Greece the people are winning. We in the Sunrise Anarchist Collective call for international solidarity with the Greek militants and solidarity within our own movement. We wish to add that we support any tactics that the Greeks decide to use in their struggle for freedom. We call for a statement of support from all collectives for the Greek general strike called for Wednesday Dec. 10th.
We must make a call; we sit in the cafe reading the titles on the shelf: Expect Resistance, Direct Action, Rising up, and Igniting a Revolution. Still here in America, few have responded to the situation in Greece. Where is our solidarity, internationalism, and support for tactics? Are we so comfortable here? Or perhaps so out of touch, that we have forgotten that however far, there are others who share our idea and choose to live and die for them. So we say again, we must make a call, do we let the blood of our own go unnoticed, or do we respond? It is now out of necessity we pledge a call to all Anarchist and Revolutionary organizations for an Alliance spanning throughout the West Coast, with major hubs in each city. In times when we are in need of true solidarity, the Alliance will make due and show the true meaning of the word; Ally. Now, you must make a decision of your own recognizance, will you make the call?
A statement from the Sunrise Anarchist Collective.
We Love y'all