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Black Bush.... Barack? ― A False Flag Frankenstein?

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, leads an expert team of military analysts in a much-needed examination of Barack Obama. Have we unwittingly chosen a future dictator disguised as a present Democrat?
By Captain Eric H. May
Major William B. Fox
Dr. James H. Fetzer

More and more Americans are worried that Barack Hussein Obama's promises for change are not only pure fantasy, but worse yet, that he may be even more dangerous than Bush. He is certainly smarter and more sophisticated, and it seems that he may serve the same corrupt power elite.

Obama Nation?

Some of the greatest contributors to Obama's presidential campaign were the very Wall Street banksters who in October effectively staged a fiscal coup d'etat by demanding and receiving a "write your own check" $700 billion bailout from U.S. taxpayers. Then-candidate Obama joined rival McCain in backing the scam.

Alarmingly, after over a year of promising peace, Obama has appointed pro-war hawks to his cabinet. They include Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, and Bush-appointed defense secretary Robert Gates (a former CIA chief). As his national security advisor, he has selected the inauspiciously named Marine Corps General Jim Jones.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Reagan administration insider, recently attacked Obama's duplicity in his article, Washington Arrogance Has Fomented a Muslim Revolution:

"Obama promised change ... but how does change arise when the most arrogant woman on earth is appointed Secretary of State and the rest of the new government is staffed with tried-and-true Likudniks and servants of the military-security complex."  http://www.lewrockw ell.com/roberts/ roberts259. html

In his article A Loud Silence: That's the response from the `antiwar' wing of the Democratic party to Obama's Iraq sellout, Justin Raimondo argued that Obama intends to break his promise to end the war in Iraq.  http://antiwar. com/justin/ ?articleid= 13857.html

Nuclear Obama?

Thanksgiving Day's Mumbai mayhem was an all-too-convenient distraction from the bad news out of Iraq, whose parliament imposed a harsh status of forces agreement on the same day as the India attacks. It was also a distraction from the bad news out of Afghanistan where the day after Thanksgiving U.S. puppet president Hamid Karzai issued a first-ever request for a U.S. withdrawal date. The pro-war mainstream media blared "Mumbai Massacre!" incessantly over the holiday weekend, neatly omitting the disheartening details of our quicksand wars in the Middle East.

The particulars of the Mumbai attacks are still very sketchy, and have changed consistently. While it is still too early to state with absolute conviction that the India attacks were a state-sponsored false flag affair, there is a strong circumstantial case in favor of that surmise. After all, the attacks occurred within 24 hours of an FBI alert to New York City, amplified in Los Angeles. They had the effect of painting "patsy" Pakistan into a corner, surrounded by now-hostile India in the east and NATO/U.S.-occupied Afghanistan in the west. Finally, they were the perfect set-up for Obama to introduce his hawkish national security team, whose focus will be Afghanistan.

Added to the slew of "coincidences" was a chilling report. According to a bi-partisan Congressional committee headed by Senator Chris Dodd, which released its findings while Obama's war team was doing its press conference, the U.S. will likely be hit by a nuclear or biological attack during the Obama presidency. That attack, they warn us, will likely come from Pakistan.

Briefly put, since Thanksgiving the stage has been set for an Obama escalation of the Global War and the Homeland State. In light of all this, American citizens should be concerned that the election has changed nothing, and that Obama will be a "Black Bush." Patriots must not let their guard down. Eternal vigilance remains the price of liberty.

* * *

Captain Eric H. May, a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, is the military-political editor for The Lone Star Iconoclast. His archives are at.  http://tinyurl. com/5f93lb. Dr. James H. Fetzer, a former U.S. Marine officer, is founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Major William B. Fox, also a former Marine, is publisher of America First Books. For more troubling insights into Obama, please refer to From Bad to Worse to Disaster? at  http://tinyurl. com/68rusg

Wide Open Eyes Even in Brasil 15.Dec.2008 16:19

Cassiano Cesar multtech24horas@hotmail.com

I am really so sorry to hear about that...This is not just a north american people worry, my friends...but for us all.
How many time do we need wait for do something about this false flag actions and peoples?
Oh, man...
In US, you allready have clearly mind people who talks about that actions,...and noone does nothing?
Men..lets re-open 9/11 case, go and prision for this bush and friend bankers....including 911 commission in whitewasher confidents.Prision for all them!!
Does Obama even think that if he just do the right things, will get a "world peace " asap?
We need that...
and ...Thinking about..would be another greatest theasure that that? this is a theasure for all life here, there and everywere! |The only rich that we get with us even after death!
Oh..we are soo late....
Soon aliens come down...and when they ask us:
- were is your spaceship to visit us?
and we answer:
- oh, sorry..we was so busy killing each other that we even get time for that....
Were are We now? Waiting this ask from TV in our seats? Maybe it would take a long time....dont you agree?

I am praying a new concience will reach us all soon, and get us all a clearly mind, maybe a less tv circus show and newsSHITpapers and more trustable each other...

Dont you see that all of us want the peace and want more knowledge? Want to do good actions and things that never will be showed in the news, cos the stations are busy in police stations registring another brutal crime....

Weak up people...a new conscience is beggining to grow up.
Let ALL of us make our eyes wide open, right!
Sorry about my poor english, hope you understand me and I think was a good idea you people know that a brazilian guy is in touch with all that world things....
besides,,, the world is not so biggest as some people think.
Wide open Eyes in 2009..2010...2599....30.677!!

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