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Portland Police Boast of Torture

On the cover of The Rap Sheet's November, 2008 edition, an article appears that was authored by the Portland Police Association (PPA) President Scott Westerman, entitled "An objective view of the Chasse incident."

In his article, Westerman claims (among other things) that the media attention of the Chasse case was "misdirected" and that the Chasse family attorney is "posturing himself for financial gain" and "attempting to cloud the issue." Westerman further attempts to direct responsibility for Chasse's death from the police to "our degrading mental health system and others in his life."

However, perhaps even greater insight is provided in another article that also appears on the same Rap Sheet's front page, "Riding with Rick." In this article, retired Portland police detective Kent Perry writes about working with his former partner, officer Richard Hegrenes, at North Precinct. Describing events that occurred during the 1970's, detective Perry seems to fondly recall, and vividly describes, incidents of violence, police brutality and torture.

The fact that the Portland Police Association printed detective Perry's 1970's stories of police torture, in 2008, and then put it right next to their article defending themselves in the James Chasse "incident," speaks volumes.
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