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Last minute demo against Ungar Furs 12/5/08

no signs. no bullhorns. just dedication and passion. Small handful of activists angered by Ungar Fur's bloody business and greed set out to close the business down for a day.
Ungar fur demo wrap up SW 12th and Yamhill. Portland, Or . 12/5/08

portland is a progressive town with a lot of radical minded individuals. why
does a shop like Ungar Furs still exist? this makes no sense to me. Ungar furs
has blood on their hands and we will never back down until they close down!

this demo was super short notice. demo started off with three activists at 1
pm. no signs, no bullhorns just dedication and loud voices. another activist
joined shortly after the chanting against ungar furs started. an hour into the
demo two more activists joined the demo bringing a total of six activists. it
was a busy shopping day, the chanting went on as passerby's curiously walked
by. for some reason, no one wanted to go and shop inside of ungars. hmm. weird.

the cold day didnt phase the activists as they were all heated up with passion
and anger due to ungar fur's bloody business. at about 3 pm we decided to
take a lunch break. break didnt last too long, we wanted to get back to ungars
to show them that we were not backing down until they stopped the killing.
portland police decided to stop by, six squad cars to be exact. they aint shit.

passerby's would walk by and clap for us and some even came over and
joined in the chants! the eye contact we made with Ungar staff was wonderful,
they couldn't even look us in the eye! they know that what they are doing is
wrong. and from our demo today, they now know that we are not fucking around.
the yelling and chanting against Ungar Furs went on until the close at 5 pm. the
demo was four hours long and we only saw one person go in and out of Ungars.

the animals dont need any excuses, the animals need us to be dedicated and
consistent. standing outside of Ungars with a sign once every few weeks is not
going to close that hell hole. this demo consisted of a small handful of
activists and it worked! i hear that a more constant and focused campaign
against Ungars is in the works, so you will have many chances to come and fight
for animal liberation!

last minute demo at ungars. huge success.

as long as there is injustice, expect resistance!

- anonymous activist