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Green Scare Report-Zachary Jensen gets time served

The FBI's war against environmental activists, known as the Green Scare, continues. Zachary Jensen was one of three people entrapped by Federal agents and a paid informant named "Anna."
WSQT calls out Zachary Jensen
WSQT calls out Zachary Jensen
Anna set up a phony Earth Liberation Front cell, went recruiting-and then had arrested the three people she convinced to sign on. Both Zachary Jenson and codefendant Lauren Weiner agreed to become snitches themselves, netting a 19-YEAR sentence for the third defendant, Eric McDavid, who has steadfastly refused to become an informant against fellow activsts.

Now US District Court judge Morrison C. England Jr has sentenced Mr Jensen to time served-about six months in contrast with Eric McDavid's 19 years! Zachary Jensen is also on long-term probation and believed to be meeting every two weeks with FBI agents to spill his guts about everyone he ever knew among community and pro-Earth activists.

"Anna," the snitch who willingly went to the FBI and accepted $75,000 to set up a sting against activsts set up haer fake ELF cell and repeatedly encouraged recruits to get involved in her phoney bombing plots. She told them she wanted to blow up a genetically engineered tree lab and a nearby fish hatchery, but what she really wanted to blow up was three people's lives. She got rich and Eric McDavid got SNITCHED on! None of the three defendants are believed to have ever been involved in an active cell of the Earth Liberation Front.

The jury in Eric McDavid's case complained that Anna was a total liar and totally unreliable, yet they could not vote to acquit without going against very restrictive jury instructions.

The Earth Liberation Front or ELF is a decentralized underground network dedicated to the use of physical direct action to shut down activities that are destructive to the environment. The FBI's "Green Scare" has never stopped an active cell of the ELF, only entrapped innocent people and scooped up a number of "retired" former activists. This is despite the FBI ranking the ELF as a higher priority target than Al-Qaeda in the months leading up to September 11 and the destruction of the World Trade Center. Guess they were too busy "Chasing Elves" to stop 19 hijackers.

The Green Scare's main accomplishment has been to turn several good community activists who had nothing to do with the ELF into snitches on all OTHER activist people they knew.