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Revolutionary Violence

Is it possible?
Let us suppose that a non-violent revolution did not occur, and that instead a revolutionary war took place. I have been struggling with the problem of whether or not 'revolutionary violence' is even possible. Counter-revolutionary violence is very easy to imagine, and is the most natural thing in the world, really. But could there be such a thing as a 'violent revolutionary'? With growing worry, I have been wrestling with this question.

My great grandfather came over on a boat from Victorian England to become part of that business of murdering and thieving off the Indians, so that my great grandfather could then steal their land and become a prosperous farmer and eventually a capitalist investor on the stock market.

Now there are two ways to look at someone like my great grandfather.

He was a evil sinful pig. If we wish to be real religious in our judgments, we could say that he was also an originally sinful pig, and if you wanted evidence that religious doctrine was true you only have to look at the evil done by the sinful pig. How to deal with such a pig. Well it is obvious that you could call upon such a pig to turn from his evil sinful pig ways and repent and do righteousness. Let us suppose that he did not. Well then the revolutionary solution in this case would be to feel fierce hatred towards that evil murdering pig, and as the hatred grew in your heart you could become fired up for revolutionary justice, and with a great battle cry of 'kill the pigs' you could slaughter my great grandfather and all those like him, thus becoming a force for of justice for the purpose of liberation of Indians. We will call this approach the religious revolutionary approach.

There is a second approach. We could look at my great grandfather, and then we could look at the planet, and we would see that for centuries European capitalist nations somehow manufactured and then barfed up upon every country in the world millions and millions of murderers just like my great grandfather. It was called the age of Imperialist Colonialism. When my great grandfather left Victorian England, he was determined never to go back, and if that meant murdering an entire continent full of Indians, then that was the way it was going to be. He was just never going back. For the rest of his life he kept on with this behavior pattern of never, ever going back to Victorian England. He was a scrooge. During the great depression he had the chance to buy up big swaths of the ruined downtown core at bargain basement prices, but he was a scrooge, and he passed up the chance to make a fortune when the depression ended and prices once again sky rocketed. So did a lot of other scrooges at the time because that property just sat their for years. They were so damned afraid of going back to Victorian England, or to conditions similar to that by losing all their money, that those scrooges would not invest in any deal during the depression, no matter how attractive. They were just that afraid of going back. They stayed afraid of going back to Victorian England all their lives, protecting themselves with constant scroogery, life long habitual obsessive compulsive scroogery. This tell us more about the dreadful conditions that existed in Victorian England, than it does about them as people. It helps us to understand why Charles Dickens felt compelled to write those books. It was awful. When I think about these things I feel no revolutionary urge to kill my great grandfather, but instead I begin to think about killing the capitalist economic system.

So you can see that when one believes the religious doctrine of the originally sinful pig, then one kills people, whereas when one is a thoughtful, intellectual revolutionary, one kills economic systems. If your mind was under the influence of religious doctrine, you would be thinking about killing capitalists, and you would call that your revolution. If you were free of the taint of religious doctrine, you would be thinking about killing the capitalist system. Here we can see that the purpose of the sinful pig doctrine is to protect systems from being killed and as a trade off, religion gets a lot of people killed instead.

There are these two girls where I work, let us call them Jane and Judy. Jane hates Judy and is furious and even vengeful towards Judy. Judy is an evil, sinful pig. No wonder Jane is angry and full of hate against Judy. She's an unrepentant sinful pig. You see a lot of that in the society around you. People hate each other, because there is nothing in the world worse than an unrepentant sinfully evil pig.

Now let us imagine two armies facing each other on the battle field. One army is the counter- revolutionary army. It has been indoctrinated with religion, and so this army is filled with the fury of bloody murder. Nothing pisses off an army more than a bunch of evil sinful pigs that need to get killed. The counter-revolutionary army has the doctrine of religion on its side, working for its cause, and as the hatred of sinful pigs burns in the hearts of the counter-revolutionary soldiers they become fired up with the burning desire to KILL KILL KILL!

Facing them are the forces of the revolutionary army, which consists of thoughtful intellectuals with no hatred for anyone and thus no desire to kill anyone, for they don't have violence in them because violence is only stirred up between people when people are convinced that someone is an evil sinful pig and thus deserves to be hated, and yes, even deserves to be killed because of the evil sinful piggery. But the revolutionary army has been ideologically purified from the filthy taint of that religious doctrine. Now how the hell are they going to fight? With the alarm I consider the prospect that I have just ruined the entire revolutionary war by destroying that religious doctrine of the originally sinful pig. How the hell can I inspire an army in the field that doesn't have any burning outraged hatred inside them?

After becoming very very worried about this revolutionary problem, it then occurred to me that one way to get a revolutionary army to fight would be to just plant them in the field on the front lines, and then when those religious maniacs come charging over the hill filled with the bloody murder which only religion can inspire, then the adrenalin will kick in and as those revolutionaries fight a ferocious battle in self defense, just to survive, they will also incidentally be fighting to win the revolution.

Therefore even if we don't have some doctrine of the original pig working for our team, we can still win the war just by relying upon adrenalin.

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