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VIDEO: Lone Vet - Santa - Elves - Courts - Cops and Congress

This 7 minute YouTube video is from The Impeachment Vigil held on every Thursday outside of the doors to house dist 3 congress.In this video I ask The Lone Vet about his upcoming trial for being arrested while protesting last holiday season
12.4.08 Lone Vet Reflects on Santa's Arrest
12.4.08 Lone Vet Reflects on Santa's Arrest
The Lone Vet talks about court, cops, congress and Santa's rights as well as all our rights!

This reflection was filmed outside House Representative Blumenauer's Portland office on 12.4.08 in protest of his lack of concern to hold Bush & Cheney accountable.

Court is coming up for (yes he got arrested) Santa & his two helpers on Jan 19 08 (may not be correct date, please check for accuracy)

In this video The Lone Vet reflect back on the day he dressed as Santa and refused to move ...well OK he moved quite a few times ...once you even see him getting 1/2 knocked from his chair

The Little ole Santa-Vet latter gets "moved" to a police car... and right along his side was two more Individuals for Justice Citizens both disguised as citizen elves, they all took a ride to the clink

Speaking of clink here is the link... to the video:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id96.html