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Fouad Kaady court case details

Looking for details on the latest ruling that says Kaady court case can go forward
Does anyone have access to the actual court documents? If so, can they be posted here please? Some of us like to read the rulings ourselves rather than rely on the MSM reports.


I believe 05.Dec.2008 08:02


That someone has posted here before, who has a corporate access to:  http://pacer.psc.uscourts.gov/pacerdesc.html
I understand that it is possible to learn all about the court documents there, but have never signed up personally. One would assume that the Sandy Post, as well as other news agencies, are enrolled.

Here is more 09.Dec.2008 08:19


After a half dozen attempts to post a short article about the Judge's ruling allowing the Kaady case to continue, I have finally been able to get through.

You can find the Judge's order here: