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The Upside of Business

Flipside Hats has recently opened their online store and is seeing the green in apparel. A woman owned company with 100% domestic operations, FSH fills a niche in the apparel marketplace. . Flipside Hats are fully reversible hats for women, men and children; two hats in one! They are made from reclaimed, salvaged materials and are styled with distinctive stripes of detail stitching, lace, and other materials. Flipside Hats are hand built in the United States in Portland, Oregon.
Flipside Hats for Men, Women and Kids!
Flipside Hats for Men, Women and Kids!
Kori Giudici, owner, designs exclusive hats; no two are the same. She also designs limited collection lines, available on her website www.flipsidehats.com. Ninety percent of her business comes from the signature "P-town Cap." She also designs chic cloche style hats and clothing.

Flipside Hats customers appreciate fashion and practicality, and what often attracts them to the hats is the design and attention to detail. Kids and adults cozy into the comfort of their very own Flipside Hat and quickly find it to be an everyday accessory. "Once a customer tries on these hats they just have to have one," says one store rep. They look good, and are made from reclaimed fabric with sustainable practices. Kori hopes her online store will help her bring new sustainable fashion to a wider market. She gets requests from overseas in addition to a wide following on both U.S. coasts for her designs. Flipside Hats customers range from hip moms and dads looking to "buy green" for themselves and their kids, to cyclists to students to the everyday wearer wanting to make a statement or just keep the weather out. Kori is always fresh with the latest fashion and her style is smart and timeless. Her next release is her most recently designed, all organic p-town cap for men and women, shipping for 2009.

Flipside Hats can be purchased on her website, in stores and at trunk shows in the Portland and Seattle metro area, listed on their website at www.flipsidehats.com.

homepage: homepage: http://www.flipsidehats.com

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