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Huffpost a Nest of Cookies, Trojans, Spyware

Like Arianna claim to be "on the left", her site betrays it's stated purpose
Huffingtonpost, the 'People Magazine' of the left side of the Democratic Party, purports to be a progressive blog-realm. But in reality, censorship is rampant. Comments contradicting the official wisdom about 911, Waco, Vince Foster, Obama, The Democratic Party, the Clintons, JFK's, RFK's, MLK's asassination and basically anything considered holy writ by the Democratic Party version of the "Left". Sure, it seems fair. Look at al those comments! Freedom of the press must be alive and well. Except that those are just the comments that make it through the 'liberal' filter at Huffingtonpost.com There's no real questioning of authority here. Comments and commenters disappear at an alarming rate. These "leftists" (hah!) refuse to debate. They just want to dismiss what they don't want to understand. Take Mumbai. They're swallowing the "10 Man" koolaid right bow. What brilliant minds, never to probe deeply, but just accept the NYT headlines and blabber on from there. I won't even mention the "Entertainment" section, chock full of so-called lib faves like Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise, and Whoopie Goldberg. Real leftists could give a crap about Hollywood's Faux Aristocracy and their travails in the slums of Beverly Hills. But there's another reason to avoid this website. It can destroy your computer. PC's always act funny when you hook into Huffpost. Just bringing it up on your screen will give your computer some 92 Temp Files and 7 Cookies. Whatever this garbage is, it affects your registry in strange ways, not to mention gulping huge amounts of RAM for no apparent reason. Huffingtonpost is chock full of computer sludge and ready to dump it all into your hard drive every time you go there. What else does it load? Who knows. So many trojans and spyware loaders operate on time-delays anyway, it's tough to tell what's up sometimes. Lightweight, mainstream-orientated political analysis like the HP site is a perfect place to track those who are disposed toward the progressive side of things. Tracking cookies and microbots can violate your PC security in a flash. Huffingtonpost is first and foremost a huge $$$ generating operation and the main mouthpiece for the people now bringing the Clintons, Madeline Albright, etc. back into the halls of power: The Democratic Machine. Another bad sign of the times is PBS Nightly News with Judy Woodruff. Judy Woodruff is to the right of Bob Schaefer. She's the female Schafer. Lately, she's had the gall to have as guests people such as Phillip Zelikow, former National Security Advisor, and top Neo-con suspect in the attacks of 911, according to the 911 Truth Movement. Other 911 conspirators like NYT columnist Bill Krystol are given free reign on PBS and Huffingtonpost carries his false-flag propaganda daily. Not good.