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Cascadia: The Elusive Utopia

Spirituality can be defined very broadly - as the way that humans create for themselves ultimate meaning, values and purpose. Cascadians find meaning in nature and in yearning for a fresh future.
Douglas Todd, a columnist at The Vancouver Sun, is editor of "Cascadia: The Elusive Utopia." Cascadia is the "geography of wonder." Oregon is California's Canada.

"While Cascadia may not be the launching point for a global revolution, there is a spiritually-informed mindset of optimism, inventiveness, tolerance and ferment that suggests the region could become a model for measured progressive transformation, especially regarding how people of the planet interact with nature..

Cascadians find meaning in nature and in yearning for a fresh future.

The root meaning of `utopia' first coined by Sir Thomas More in 1516 is `no place.' In other words, utopian dreams are always meant as ideals, as possibilities held up to draw something more out of us.

The centre, as WB Yeats might say, has trouble holding in Cascadia.

We oppose homogenization. We think the richest culture, spirituality and values grow out of a deep understanding of place, of wonder and gratitude toward the region in which we find ourselves, in all its particularity."

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